Theories, Theories


  1. Midoriko

    Aaaaand, some more phrases I will try to work into my everyday conversations.

    (I do actually do this, and I do cite the comic every time, in the hopes that someday I won’t have to and someone will know exactly what I’m talking about and it will be a huge bonding experience and we will be best friends for ever and ever. Oh, you guys… don’t… do that too? Yeah, me neither.)

  2. me.vicky

    Lemmo: Yes, but still snowflakes! WOO!

    I love the progression of Yes! Aww. Woo! Aww.

  3. Fedorov92

    I love Lemmo! ( Especially in panel 3 XD )

    @Midoriko: I secretly do this too! However, sadly I’ve only met ONE person ever who knew what I meant :(

  4. Jill

    This reminds me of the improv game YAY! BOO!

  5. TheBananaFish

    Not unique snowflakes, but you can still be rain dogs… Anyone?… Anyone?… No?… Oh well.

  6. Ray

    Don’t worry Lemmo, you’re still you, so you’re still a unique snowflake.

  7. Renee

    @Midoriko & Fedorov: I, too, try to work these quotes into everyday conversation. :)

  8. Timeline

    Similar but not congruent! :D

    does that make the cookies hail? and the robots groundwater? and the bugs clouds?

  9. Thanatos

    You are very right Ray, he is definitely still a unique flake ;)

  10. camerbob

    I’m going to start using that…

  11. Ed Kohler

    Nice! That’s a better explanation than many science teachers present. I hope they put this comic to work in the classroom.

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