There Are No Gift Receipts For Given Names


  1. noisyparker


  2. rodimus929

    the possible adventures of Lemmo & Arico?!

  3. .

    that’s dumb.

  4. Someone

    So does the background in this blank world constantly shift colors for Aric and Lemmo or just for us?

  5. Arantor

    I’ve wondered that too. From what we’ve seen of the universe, it pretty has to be for our benefit rather than the universe itself random changing colours.

    That said, I wouldn’t put it past Aric and Lemmo to have some kind of meaning or, even, a pattern behind it.

  6. Someone

    Actually, the main thing Ive been wondering is if its a blank world… Whats causing the shadows? There must be some light source that we cant see.

  7. Vassago

    What i am wondering is; why do the speech bubbles have shadow to them?

  8. lemmo

    That was strictly a style decision on my behalf. I wanted them “off” the artwork.

  9. socksbot

    socksbot likes thrid person third person FTW

  10. Me

    Random names randoms stuff makes perfect sence


    This wordplay banter always makes me chuckle. So well composed.

  12. Arcasius

    so Lemmo always did have the superb naming ability

  13. Kafloobop

    I just realized that Lemmo is trying to make the letter A with his one remaining hand.

  14. RandomFox01

    every time I’ve read this strip I thought for a second that Lemmo just has his hand in his shirt pocket. And then I remember he has neither hand nor shirt pocket.

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