They Sound Like Good Ideas


  1. Arantor

    So if things are changing into other things… the only thing that was left behind was the empty can of hand juice, complete with 3 hands on the floor… though I can’t see how that would turn into a map.

  2. Fargo

    Sure. A bunch of hands, pointing in different directions … MAP!

  3. Stubbs

    Guys! I love this comic, Its the most original and entertaining idea I’ve seen in a long time. I’ve been reading since it started and its been getting better and better!! please keep up the good work!

    So I’m guessing the big red blip on the map is the shovel beam?…..

  4. rodandbarry

    Rod: Great, we’re at the end. Now I must go and see if I can recreate that hand drink. Imagine the greatness to have lil rod hands running around our ship! I could teach them how to conquer other planets.
    Barry: See what you did! Thanks McKeown & Pew. You two not started a weekend of experiments! We’ll be back tomorrow to see what happens next!

  5. mollybean

    alright so on this useless/useful map, we have the handjuice dispensor, the shovel beam, three hands, shoes and those socks(or did that change into the fox?).

    I agree so much with sir Stubbs over there, this is incredibly original and innovative. I love it and am constantly surprised by the change in plot. Dying to know where this is going.

  6. Renee

    I would not complain if my socks turned into a lovable fox.

  7. socksbot

    werent they walking away from the hand juice back to the new refrence point of the shovel beam

  8. NoriMori

    OMG, the shovel-beam STILL didn’t transform??? What’s going on??? Where are all these new objects coming from?? Are they from skin cells that have fallen off of Lemmo and Aric???

  9. Me

    Lovin the shovel beam and ur rite Renee

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