1. Skr33

    That sign certainly doesn’t look happy about the situation he’s been forced into.

  2. macksting

    I’m not convinced they can look happy, but then again they can at least look scared.

  3. mrsico

    Hi all, first post from me. I just read all of the the comic before this and I only have one word to describe this. Awesome. Also, what happened to the baby sox’s?

  4. TheOdds

    Let’s see….

    Lemmo’s arm is made of wood. They are in/about to be in the middle of a tornado/lightning storm. The bees (maybe they are friendly) have axes for stingers (or axes with stingers). Oh, their lifeline is also an evil biting signpost that can break apart very easily (Lemmo chopped one into pieces with his human fleshy hand before it turned into wood).

    All in all, things do not look good for the brave…er…courageous…no…mismatched duo.

    Also I am curious as to why Lemmo’s arm turning into wood made his sweater sleeve for said wood arm become shredded.

  5. runedeadthA

    And then, because they were still doing to well, Everything spontaneously bursts into flame.

    Also, I love how Lemmo’s hat stays Right where it is. That hat rocks.

  6. NoriMori


    “That sign certainly doesn’t look happy about the situation he’s been forced into.”

    I’m starting to question whether or not that sign can actually feel emotion. He seems to have maintained the same impassive facial (sign-al? signal? Oh wow… Lemmo/Aric, I swear you guys do this on purpose…) expression the entire time…

    Also, he’s technically saving them from whatever they’re trying to save themselves from, so he’s proving to be a good pet so far. In fact, maybe he’s already “bonded” with Lemmo, and the wooden arm will turn out to be a protective/defensive mechanism in the very near future… XD

  7. Parrot

    So, has the wood stopped spreading in Lemmo’s body?

  8. Defier of Physics

    Those buzzkills look like they’re having a lot of trouble in that storm. Also I am impressed with both Lemmo’s vine throw considering the wind and the anchorage of the sign considering how fragile the signs are. Clearly this wood gives you superpowers.

    From an artistic standpoint, I am amazed at how well the wood-grain matches Lemmo’s muscles and joints. You are an amazing artist good sir!

  9. Ray

    Yeah, this really looks good.

  10. Ray

    Err…. Self-correction. This really looks not good. What with the wind, Buzzkills, & lightning ready to blast apart Lemmo’s arm & their lifeline.

  11. MultiversalInk

    “We should at least look like we’re trying. Wouldn’t want to give the impression we’re giver uppers.”

    If you know you’re going to die, do it with style.

  12. CicadaFightsViking

    I think that (hopefully) the BIG BAD VOICE will return and stuff. I liked the voice.

  13. Skr33


    I think the expression has changed, if only marginally. He looks a bit more annoyed than bloodthirsty in this strip.

  14. Evan

    I wonder if the wood arm can do anything else…

    …say, spread and take root so they don’t get blown away?

  15. Kip

    @NoriMori, you are way too easily impressed, the base word of “signal” is obviously “sign”. Were you to have an animate sign as we do in this instance, any movement or expression it makes in an attempt to communicate would be a signal. This is not ironic.

  16. Glo

    Buh…? It’s like I’m on a roller-coaster, and the tracks keep finding new and mind-blowing ways to defy gravity.

    I have to agree that I’m loving the artwork on the wooden arm, as well as everything else, of course. I am impressed.

  17. Jaz

    “lemmo! I am calling your name to get your attention!” aaaaand this is why I love blankit. do the foxes seem so bed now? huh? maybe arc will appreciate the weird-still-unexplained-map-thingy-destroying-and-awesome-top-hat-ripping foxes!! maybe ten he won’t try to strangle the cute little guys!! cuz now karma’s coming back in SWARM-OF-BEES-WITH-AXES form, baby! (do I get a medal for the coolest and longest adjectives? pweeease?) -jaz

  18. Jaz

    *bad; *aric; *then…happy? -jaz

  19. NoriMori


    Oh, well then pardon my sorry ass then. I didn’t know that being a little overenthusiastic was now a capital crime. Jeez.

    And I wasn’t impressed by the fact that you can call a sign’s actions a “signal”, I was impressed by the fact that when I tried to come up with the “sign” version of “facial”, I came up with “signal”, which is actually a word. And in this case I was using “signal” as an adjective, which is pretty unconventional.

    Besides, a lot of the enthusiasm for this comic comes from a willingness to be easily impressed. If you’re someone who looks down on that, then I’m amazed you can have any appreciation for this comic at all.

  20. NoriMori


    “I think the expression has changed, if only marginally. He looks a bit more annoyed than bloodthirsty in this strip.”

    Yes, but what I’m saying is that this is pretty much exactly how he looked in the strip where he became Lemmo’s pet. I wasn’t including the bloodthirsty expression in this… I consider that expression to be more instinctual than this one. XD What am I trying to say? Who knows… Lol.

  21. Flo

    lol @aric’s comment in the first panel.

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