‘Tis Folly To Be Wise


  1. Renee

    I hope they keep the parasox!

  2. Midoriko

    Yeeeeeeeeeee! The last panel is so cute! I can’t imagine that it would work to squish them back together.

    I love Aric’s first statement. There are lots of situations that life has no way of preparing us for. Though I expect he’s been saying that to himself this entire time.

  3. Midoriko

    Also, if they do remain unsquished, what will we call them? Sock 1 and Sock 2? Lefty and Righty? For the moment, I shall stick with “cute.”

  4. heng

    ok, _if_ the squishing works, i wonder if they are able to extrapolate a little and try squishing themselves together…. that would be the next logical leap of reasoning.

  5. Lipkin

    Left and Right.

  6. Zapheres

    I stopped using logic after the pair o’ socks theory actually came true, so I’m gonna say this’ll totally work or there’ll be an unexpected result. Or maybe a conscience crisis next, always fun. Perhaps an interuption? Stay tuned!

  7. Thanatos

    awww light socks is biting dark socks’ foot! That is so cute!

  8. Megan

    AWE! look at ’em they are the best :D I adore parasox.

    As to the false dichotomy, it’s not like we haven’t seen it irl–That’s where the phrase “ignorance is bliss” came from.

    How many times have you learned something and had that sinking feeling “I wish I didn’t know what I know now…”

  9. me.vicky

    Ha ha ha, Aric’s like “that’s a false dichotomy” and Lemmo immediately jumps to “smart and unhappy.” They know each other so well.

    And parasox are still SUPER CUTE!

  10. Physicsman

    All I can say is Awwwwwwwww.

    P.S I’ve been thinking the exact same thing as Aric (about squishing them back together) only without actually ya know squishing them back together.

  11. Physicsman

    The lighter colored socks looks like my dog (only smaller, with a bushier tail, and pointed ears, but every other aspect is the same) 

  12. Nietzsche DemoGraphic

    Why I love BIC:

    -False Dichotomy. As a writer I appreciate how hard it is to recognize a situation of that nature, and even more challenging to make it amusing. I almost died laughing when he said that.

    -Loose laws of physics. Clearly squishing is a logical approach.

    – Sox. D’awwwwww.

  13. GGX_Justice

    Squish Parasox back together. It’s the only way to be sure!

  14. Fedorov92

    Win. That’s all I have to say on this matter.

  15. camerbob

    Names suggestions: Argyle and Tube, since they’re both famous types of socks.

  16. Physicsman

    I don’t know about everyone else but i’m gonna call the darker colored socks “Yin” and the lighter 1 “Yang”.*

    *Believe it or not “Yin” actually represents darkness and “Yang” represents light.

  17. boring7


    I’ll take “smart and happy”, eh?

  18. Daniel


  19. runedeadthA

    The light one is Socks and the dark one is Parasox. :)

    I was going to go with “Scuggers” but they actually do have feet.

  20. runedeadthA

    Also ( sorry to double post) Anyone notice how the background seems to be gaining colour?

  21. bluesox

    Awwwwww!!!!! S’ cuuute!!! I love them!!

  22. Cavada

    we should name them based on sock height, if you look closely at their feet the light one is obviously crew sox and the dark one would be ankle sox

  23. Sampson

    I want sound effects from the parasox.


    Sorry, don’t know what came over me there

  24. Physicsman

    @runedeadthA: …Holy S*** your right!!!! That adds more evidence to my theroy about how this universe is slowly developing laws of physics.

  25. Jakoblogan

    I agree with Cavada, Crew and Ankle works in my mind.

  26. Midoriko

    @runedeadthA: The background has actually always had color variation (more dramatically in the first comics than now, it seems). I’m assuming that it’s an artistic choice, and not that someone has had a multicolored strobe light on this whole time.

  27. Ray

    Don’t you think that if they had been wrestling, ergo trying to pin one another down, hence pressing/squishing against each other, they would’ve already re-fused?

    I say squishing ’em won’t work. Besides, it seems too anti-climatic.

  28. Physicsman

    @Ray: u make a good point but I think squishing them 2gether (assuming it would work) would require much pressure than what they expierienced when wrestling.

  29. camerbob

    Crew and ankle works very well, shame that there’s no argyle.

  30. Dr. Juess

    intelligent internet humor? 4chan will hear of this….

  31. Spess

    I propose “Dex” and “Sin”. Sinister and dexter, you know….

    I haven’t posted before but… well, besides Hilarious and Adorable, I can’t find words.

  32. Lipkin

    How about “Front” and “Back?”

    “Dumb” and “Happy”

    “Sox” and “Socks.”

    “Head” and “Tail.”

  33. JamesLite

    I, for one, am going to refer to them as Chas ‘n’ Dave.

  34. Ziggy Stardust

    Hmm, I might want to call them after some famous pair, like Abbott and Costello, or Jay and Silent Bob, or Simon and Garfunkel…

  35. Nietzsche DemoGraphic

    @Ziggy Stardust:

    You just put Jay and Silent Bob on par with Abbott and Costello and Simon and Garfunkel… I weep for the world.

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