Tour de Blanc


  1. PolleN112

    Awwww. Candy ferris wheel is the best thing up there!Oh well. I’ll settle for penguins I guesss.

  2. macksting

    Of course, it’s another interesting case where we’ve no particular reason to think that this character should know that term.
    Ferris wheel.
    What the hell is that fox, anyway? Marina doesn’t even know what time is.

  3. Parrot

    Is Fergus flying Superman-style in the last panel?

  4. Raiten

    Is more of the underground area lit up then before? It kind of looks like it to me. I wonder if someone is turning on the lights and coming up to check the damage…

  5. Arwael

    Mole people. No wait… that’s not weird enough.

  6. jaz

    @ Parrot: yes. yes he is.

    this comic reminds me so much of when I went to Disneyland with my friends! we were all too stubborn to pick up a map so we just decided to walk until we reached something xD

  7. Nexall

    nothing really to say here just posting for the sake of posting… and no parrot he is not, his wings just haven’t returned to usefulness yet.

  8. Kid of Death

    Why do I imagine the Parasox sitting in the candy ferris wheel all day just munching on it?

    I’m half expecting the robots to start crawling out of the hole any second now. Makes me wonder though, did no one notice the city lookin place through the hole?

    On another note, Lemmo and Aric don’t seem to know how to reply to any of their questions(or in Fergus’ case, order).

  9. dyl_do

    OH MY GOD! spoiler alert: it all turns out to be a theme park where your memories are erased before and after you’re in there. Also, all wounds within the park are healed by the time you get out. Also, all clothes are cleaned.


    Aric could always just drop his pants down the gaping chasm to make a Pants Beam. Then the Unsettlers get a beam, and he gets to not wear pants. It’s really a win/win situation.


  11. Alexthander

    But what about the ice cream rollercoaster?

  12. altoid55

    i don’t wanna be annoying but FINALLY!!!!

  13. dagonboy6666



  14. random man

    @Alexthander: it would quickly turn into an ice cream soup log ride.

  15. Radio365

    Have we seen a candy ferris wheel?

  16. NoriMori

    Lol, who knows, they might hit a candy ferris wheel after all… Weirder things have popped up before…

  17. ChaosTheory

    Am I the only one who is predicting and hoping for the return of the robots who were dressed as Lemmo and Aric?

  18. random man


    does being turned into goo and back count?

  19. Cenacattack

    Candy ferris wheel? Did I miss something?

  20. Nexall

    no that’s why Aric said except, there isn’t one.

  21. Silarn

    I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they run into a candy ferris wheel now. Which is probably why it won’t happen.

  22. guywholikeshats

    does anyone else notice that lemmo’s wooden arm stub has been shrinking in the past episodes?

  23. Kid of Death

    @guy: You’re right. Didn’t he originally just break off half of his forearm?

  24. seananners


    No,just his hand

  25. Kid of Death

    So where is his arm going? o.o

  26. Chaos Theory

    @Kid of Death: Maybe it’s biodegrading?

  27. Alexthander

    @Chaos Theory
    Is there even bacteria in this universe?

  28. Ray

    I wonder what’s up with that hole….

  29. altoid55

    i wish the parasox would fuse that’d be awesome

  30. switchblademx

    im feeling a robot city excursion soon. it’s pretty blurry, but it looks like several massive robots are working their way up the chasm toward those persistent interlopers, lemmo and aric. Perhaps those robots will take our heroes to some altogether different place/thing.
    Then again, it has been a while since we’ve seen anything to do with the penguins, and to me it seems like the artists are building up to something big and penguin related. Also, Marina (still trying to retire Misty) seems awfully calm about the whole arm stump thing.
    @anyone who cares: sorry for butchering the english language there, but i just got off work.

  31. Chaos Theory

    @Alexthander: Has it been established that there aren’t?

  32. seananners

    @Chaos theroy

    We may never know… ¥_¥

  33. seananners

    WAIT….sorry for double post,but lemmo’s hand is still alive crawling!WHAT IT IS UP TO?!look at past comics to see what im talking about.

  34. NoriMori

    Epic lol @X-SOLDIER

    @random man: Yes, yes that does count. XD

    @switchblademx: Butchering? What butchering? I saw no butchering. :P

    @seananners: I’m sure we’ll find out in due time. This is the kind of comic where it’s pretty much impossible to introduce anything that’s not a Chekhov’s gun.

  35. seananners



  36. NoriMori


    Wikipedia is your friend.

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