1. Riuk88

    Shovel beam no!!!! what will Aric do if he drinks more hand juice while he has two hands?

  2. Riuk88

    Also, I am surprised and impressed that this in up an hour into monday

  3. Renee

    And things start falling into place…

  4. penguinbassist

    ah, we see the master plan coming together! i wonder how misty fits in with this… bet she’ll be annoyed to see aric and lemmo again.

  5. Physicsman

    Holy S***!!! Was my prediction in Stove pipe amateur (2 strips ago) actually right?

  6. Wolfox

    Oh noooo! The town/villiage/city/place…!!

    …kind of explains the origin of the hat…

  7. me.vicky

    Dun Dun DAHHHHH!

  8. Eric


  9. JamesLite

    Stovepipe hat… stove… heat… burning.


  10. Fedorov92

    Me thinks the town-thingy got to close to the Shovel Beam…

  11. Riuk88

    Its was a hamlet for a refresher

  12. Retsof

    I think the apropiate thing to say here is “Oh crap”. I wonder if the plot will take a turn toward the serious? Whatever happens, I bet the coming arc will be a good one.

  13. Midoriko



    D: All the unnamed people are going to be furious…

  15. macksting

    I suppose this must be why they came to find Misty.
    What has happened to their fair hamlet, indeed!

  16. TheBananaFish

    We haven’t seen those trap door robots in a while have we? Nor those penguins. Stuff kinda gets left as a cliff hanger to be picked up weeks or months in the future.

  17. iDontCare

    Who has pillaged the great town of the smoke people?

  18. camerbob


  19. Sylvia

    Oh no!! Not the SHOVEL BEAM!

  20. Pikeman336

    oh no! all the unnamed people will be furious, therefore, becoming solid (like what happened to misty)

  21. KingLohangrin


  22. Bellstrom

    Is it just me, or is Aric’s hat fixing itself? Maybe his hair’s sewing it back together with itself…

  23. Daniel

    Uh oh…

  24. Andi

    Woah, Ray called it!

  25. Michael

    I think that, from here, the lighthearted fun of Blank It as we know is will be turned upside-down.

  26. TheBananaFish

    I think that turning the fun upside down would really be turning it right-side-up; it’s been pretty upside-down to begin with. Or possibly iside-out.

  27. Michael

    So my question is this: did the disappearance of the shovel beam make room for something even more destructive that reduced the town of the nameless to rubble? Or was that the doing of the shovel beam itself?
    I lied, that was two questions.

  28. BlueSox

    Haha, No Aric! Not the shovel beam!!! Ooo, the fady town of the fady people!!!

  29. DefierOfPhysics

    How do you burn the intangible? With intangible fire?

  30. Ray

    My question is how the shovel beam did this. Perhaps the town faded into transparency, moved & when it returned to (semi-)solidity, the shovel of the shovel beam smashed into it, and because of all the drag it had been collecting, it lit fire to everything….

  31. Ray

    (Forgot to say.) Also, @Andi: I did? Do you mean me saying last comic that they were about to find something?

  32. Andi

    @ Ray, yup! that’s what I mean

  33. Ian

    Little late but irony? Remember fire cleans all?

  34. Star1412

    Does this mean Lemmon won’t have anything to do with the Shovel Beam, the town, or Misty anymore ?

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