Tumbling After


  1. Teenlink

    Woo~! Go Aric! Jumpin in with your coat all flapping and stuff.

  2. Thebrum

    Wait a minute- Fergus doesnt have a sense of humor!

    And why are the unsettlers almost uniformly male? Would it interfere with Marina’s sense of individuality?

  3. Thebrum

    oh hang on- this is the bit where Marina becomes a member of the adventure again, rather than just a figurehead for the invisible legion.
    Its three people vs. the Robomander. All Right!

  4. Nexall

    Hey who thinks parasox will follow them in.
    Also Fergus’ dive is awesome.

  5. Dana

    Go Aric! Go save Lemmo from that… robo…salamander…thing…! Can’t wait to see the next part of this adventure.


    In pursuit of Lemmo & the Robomander! (At least we know where the Unsettler from the previous comic went).

    Fergus does look like he’s had some diving experience, though.


  7. NoriMori

    Lol, I love how quickly we come up with names for these things… Parasox… Misty… Buzzkill… Robomander… XD

    Am I the only one who actually loved Marina’s jump the best?

    @Thebrum, …Maybe? Or maybe they just never thought about it… *shrug*

    @Nexall, I’m actually surprised they haven’t already jumped in… Which makes me think that they either won’t jump in at all (maybe they’re too scared), or they’re gonna jump in at some random moment that doesn’t make sense… Like when they’ve rescued Lemmo and are climbing out of the hole. XD And then they’ll have to go back in and save them XD!!

  8. Rockman007

    i agree, Fergus’ dive was freakin sweet.
    i was wonderin what happend to lem..
    Hmm i want the Parasox to go with them because they are my favorite, but i doubt they will, they tend to dissapear when there is action..=[

    p.s. Can we call the gold salamander Parallax? pleaseeee? google it if you dont know it.

  9. Chaos Theory

    @Rockman007: No. We are not naming a giant mechanized golden lizard after the DC Universe’s physical embodiment of fear. It just isn’t that scary. If it was, I don’t think Aric and Marina would have jumped in immediately. Knowing Aric, he’d freak out before getting pushed in by Fergus.

  10. Cenacattack

    Tally ho! *jumps*

  11. MB

    This one made me laugh out loud. I love the way Marina jumps in, and how epic Fergus’ original dive looks, chilled perfectly by the last frame.

  12. cheetaboy7

    Thats right, be like a like a grumpy butterfly. Be above the influence.

  13. Kid of Death

    Parasox, What are you waiting for! I liked Aric’s jump the most. I wonder where that hole leads to, and how far they’re going to have to fall.

  14. maglorius

    Aric didn’t even hesitate! That’s heroic.

  15. Lantash

    Nice, His wings are working again now. Got his mojo back from the power of his anti-care perhaps?
    Again realy nice movement in the art, I think I worked out why I like it so much. You don’t use “air movement Lines”, if that make sence.
    Realy like it.

  16. ThisIsNotDan

    The unsettlers are almost solid in all the excitement!

  17. rocklight

    I keep on thinking of the unsettlers as being like the Discworld’s Auditors, except when they start thinking of themselves as individuals they actually become more ALIVE than popping out of existence.

  18. Chaos Theory

    Aric’s pose in the second panel is epic win.


    You know… if something doesn’t catch them, they’ll become a Lemmo-Robomander-Aric-Marina Beam…. right? And if Fergus doesn’t move his wings’ll get fried off by it. :p


  20. wonderboy


  21. Renee

    I thought the parasox would jump first.

  22. dagonboy6666

    *oh hang on- this is the bit where Marina becomes a member of the adventure again, rather than just a figurehead for the invisible legion.
    Its three people vs. the Robomander. All Right!*
    I say the floors gonna win this battle…. no wait it’s broken. I say the ceilings going to win.

  23. dagonboy6666

    wait the unsettlers are sometimes soild, somtimes not. what if, most of them are already down there and the three you see are just the cowards that stayed behind?

  24. dagonboy6666

    parasox can teleport, or something that looks like it. probley has to do with extra dimnesons, but anyway why jump when you can teleport?

  25. jaz

    Calling it now, this is another shovelbeam situation! Oh, and Aric’s jump is awesome! Marina should be yelling “CANNONBALL!” Aww, and poor Parasox are scared…


  26. NoriMori

    @Kid of Death, I love love LOVE your avatar! :)

  27. JasonSquare15

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