Two Thousand Whatever


  1. MaxyDawg

    Reminds me of that one episdoe of Futurama where Fry loses his hand and goes to Handcrafters…

  2. purplelotusflower

    Just one question: Where is the light sorce?

  3. molly

    mmm, good question. but who says it’s light? maybe, there’s just no dark.
    bwahaha, hand juice. classic.

  4. lemmo

    The light source is above. Duh. Maybe one day I’ll reveal it. But right now, seeing it unprepared would only cause you to roll into a ball and weep for the future of humanity.

  5. blah

    this is like the matrix! its all whiiiiites! don’t bother, just enjoy

  6. them1me1you

    does anyone else get the banana reference, such as Donkey Kong 64. anyway great comic.

  7. Renee

    I love the fox!

  8. Sillytwist

    What was left behind for this to form…. i like how its coincidentally a dispenser of hand juice

  9. NoriMori

    Is the “hand juice” machine the shovel-beam-with-hand-thrown in, but it transformed because they walked away? If you keep going in any direction do you just keep coming back, and whatever you left behind changes? LOL. That’s what the comics have demonstrated so far…

  10. Me

    I loves me a gulp of hand juice in the morning

  11. Jaz

    Haha I love how Aric is putting so much thought into this, it’s like he has a monologue going, and then “I think it’s just hand juice.” …I like Lemmos logic better.

  12. switch

    I’m loving the total randomness here. There’s just no way to predict what will happen next!

  13. Jorden

    “My Stomach was making the rumblies, that only hands would satisfy”

  14. seananners

    ← ← ← ←

  15. Me

    Reminds me of Space Odyssey :)

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