Unlike Jean Luc


  1. Zapheres

    Yay! Bald-be-gone! =D

    And I say the light should be brought back via a combination of a few existing things instead of something new, like a “what happens if you pour hand juice into molten falling shovel?” scenario. XD

  2. macksting

    Good point. The hand juice did spawn hands where it fell.
    Oh god, what if they run into those again?

  3. lemmo

    I think Socks ate them.

  4. nuclearwhale

    You mean sox is still alive?

  5. lemmo

    Oh man, don’t take what I say in these threads as canon. I don’t write this drivel.

  6. Jloopy

    Socks is alive in our hearts…

    It’s about time he got some hair… though I was just getting used to the bald look.

  7. macksting

    I wonder what strange mutations will befall our protagonists in this strange world of purple?

  8. Goriath

    I can’t decide if that rug is better or worse then Donald Trumps…

    …. Also I would really like to know what ever happened to poor Socks.

  9. Ray

    Hooray, Lemmo has hair again! I can almost agree, though the bug stuff trend is getting just a little kind of almost, somewhat annoying… Ah well, your comic, guys.

  10. aric

    I’m really excited that Lemmo has hair again. Maybe there will be a bug barber who can cut it for him.

  11. them1me1you

    yeah. . . its Aric who got hair. . . just saying

  12. Jon

    The badass do has been restored!!!
    Thanks guys!

  13. capnprophetic

    Rawr! Personally, I’m so used to a baldy-Aric that I’d like a repeat shovel-beam scenario. Eh…What is wanna know is: Where’d the purple liquid go? I thought it gushed out in all directions when the mountain prop poked the ground, but now it’s only in front?

  14. boring7

    Clearly it actually only went in one direction, and Lemmo never noticed that because he never looked in the other direction.

    *insert something deep and meaningful about observation and such*

    Also, while the “explosions and crashes” quota is filled for a while, I think it’s time to start some more fires. Or perhaps fight scenes.

  15. aric

    I like how you guys say “clearly” and “now we know” and “that proves” a lot.

  16. Asok

    Now we know that it is clearly aric that makes the important observations here at Blank It.

    That proves something.

  17. zuken

    asok, is your name in referance to dilbert by chance?

  18. NoriMori

    I never fully realized until now that Aric still has his sideburns the whole time that he’s bald.

    Also, Lemmo’s face in panel 3 is adorable!

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