Uplifting Discourse


  1. Chaos Theory

    Since when is Lemmo the voice of reason here?

  2. macksting

    I suppose he’s been the voice of reason off and on for a while, really.

  3. Wilhelm

    Lord Ben would’ve just shot the bug…

  4. Parrot

    I bet the bug is flying them to Misty.

  5. runedeadthA

    Stick some fortifications on there, rig up some machine guns and cannons, and you could have your own flying fortress! With it THE LAND IS MINE MWAHHAHAHAHA- *cough*……Right.

  6. ColonelLuxray

    But you forget, this flying fortress has to be powered by a constant slew of insults, so you’d get some real animosity across the crew.

  7. Nexall

    standing that close to a crumbling edge probably isn’t safe, I’m mostly talking about Lemmo and the one fox next to him.

  8. NoriMori

    @Chaos Theory, I don’t think it’s so much that he’s being the voice of reason…it’s just that sometimes what he wants corresponds to what’s reasonable. :P

    Lol @ColonelLuxray. Very true.

  9. Nester64

    Fergus’s comment in the last panel is one of the best so far.


    “Gestures comma Useless” Fantastic.

    I’m still quite curious about the slow paradigm shift from Lemmo’s personality to Aric’s and vise versa, since they’ve re-entered the Blank world.

  11. Piemaster

    this is great. lovin’ how this is going. I feel the bug is gonna get them somewhere they need to be.
    Best line of the comic ever? Fergus’ last remark in the last panel.

  12. random man

    my guess is that they get shot down by penguins when they get to where they’re going

  13. Raiten

    Very clever, I love it :p

  14. Zapheres

    Okay people, let’s be real here – has no one taken into account what the purple sea’s borders are?! There have been two large-view shots in this comic and the last and neither has shown what’s holding back the rest of the ocean besides the fallen mountain prop. Last comic even went to the very edges of said mountain. I’m sensing unsolved mystery.

  15. Jalee1

    La la la la la… I am so bored

  16. Jalee1

    35-6 hi I’m eating candy now

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