Uri Would Be Proud


  1. Ziggy Stardust

    That is a pretty damn kickin’ hat.

  2. runedeadthA

    Well That takes care of any excess foxes, Now about those insane hair spikes…

  3. Ray

    Wait, a second, have Aric’s hands gone through the screen in panel 3. Also, I want that hat. Maybe it’s a portal that we could use to pull stuff out of or put things in.

  4. Physicsman

    @Ray: it looks like it but I think he just has his hands on the screen and the angle of perspective gives the illusion that he is.

  5. macksting

    Probably leaning on it. And that is a rather smashing hat.

  6. Lipkin

    Did the Fox turn into the hat? I thought the things turning itno things was robots?



  8. Midoriko

    Nooo, I want the hat!

    Idea for new merch: THAT HAT.

    The one fox peeking over the screen in the second panel is adorable. Also Aric should get the hat by default because Lemmo already has one.

  9. Lipkin

    I want the foxes saying “Clams are great!’ and “Fire cleans all!” on a shirt.

  10. Riuk

    @Lipkin Soo totally agree. An adorable fox saying “Fire cleans all!” would be the best thing ever!

  11. DefierOfPhysics

    1) That is a pretty awesome hat. It suits Aric well.
    2) That’s, what, the third hat that randomly spawned, not counting Lemmo’s original hat? What is with all the hats?
    3) I wonder what role the tiny robots in the ground play in this product placement.
    4) Is there a giant, fire-breathing clam on the map?

  12. JamesLite

    Damn, I liked that fox.

    I hope the other one becomes a permanent party member.

  13. Thanatos

    NOTHING IS PERMANENT!! with he exception of Lemmo and Aric

  14. Renee

    The way those foxes are bounding ahead of Lemmo and Aric is very infant like. I love it! ^_^

  15. penguinbassist

    That hat for new merch seconded.
    Wonder if the fox was about to say something about Misty’s village and their problems…? She was awesome.

  16. Jace

    Lemmo’s hair spikes are getting huge. They could impale something if he’s not careful! I thought Aric was the one with the changing hairpiece…

  17. Raron

    Did anyone else notice the slightly crazed look on Aric’s face about the hat… Lemmo give him the hat… he has already proven he will beat you with a shovel to get a moment of pantslessness… and he threatened to stab your eyes out with his molars and stuff his pants in the holes… just give him the had and back away.

  18. boring7

    That hat looks familiar. Like from the undertaker.

  19. Bluesox

    Aric still doesn’t have shoes, let’s throw a hat in there! MAP! FOX! Yaaaay!! IS the hat a portal??

  20. Lipkin

    The motician’s hat didn’t have a buckle.

  21. NoriMori

    LOL, I don’t get it. Did the half-fox change into the hat? Why??

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