Verbal Deet


  1. Jalee1


  2. Jalee1

    Lol awesome strip!!!!!

  3. Jalee1

    Don’t listen to zombie songs- they’ll rot your brains.

  4. Jalee1

    My name should be changed. From now on, I officially change my name to Kaitlin Alexis Maccabrees!!!!!!!!

  5. Parrot

    Jalee, you are insane. -_-
    Also, this strip is awesome!

  6. wonderboy

    you just got pwned, bug

  7. Evan

    Jalee scares me….

    Still, utterly hilarious. I wonder what kind words does to the bug light/flying contraption.

  8. lemmo

    Jalee1: I approve of your excitement! I do not approve of comment spam. Take it easy and enjoy!

  9. macksting

    Did he just compliment the little bugger out of the sky?

  10. djeims

    Epic strip is not unepic! But will Fergus counterstrike? Find out next time on Digimon, Digital Monsters! Err, Blank It.

  11. rocklight

    Epic attack, it was indeed hitting at a pressure point of Fergus’… But will it be fatal? Or another question… if insults make this thing rise up, then surely compliments make it fall? Therefore, we have a problem if this goes overboard…
    Also, Jaylee, you’re like the puppy of the comic comments part of this site, always excited when your master brings a new bone for you but overdoes it and gets told off for getting hair on his suit.

  12. JayGee

    His wings run on hatred, obviously.

  13. Nexall

    Aric’s eyes when ha says that are just hilarious to me. Also I wouldn’t be surprised if instead of falling back down with complements like everyone assumes it will instead fly sideways. Never file something away as obvious in blank it. Also last thing if it dose indeed fall down what will happen to the king who is building a new palace right below them.

  14. Canada


    Any counterattack will simply brighten Aric’s day! :o

  15. Dana

    @Nexall one word. clearly. laughing yet, Aric?

    love Aric’s face in panel 3, and the foxes look scared of him in panel 2. :3

  16. Physicsman

    Actually most fruitflys are MORE attracted to vinegar than to honey, something about the smell.

    Also, that was a low blow Aric.

  17. General K. Oss

    I love the way the Parasox’s are slinking away from Aric. They know what’s coming down!

  18. Nester64

    Kindness! His only weakness!

    Actually, it makes sense. if the lighthouse, and thus matryoshka bug #1, are powered by insults, why not Fergus, a.k.a matryoshka bug #3?

  19. Nester64

    Sorry to spam, just realized something: Fergus is a separate entity from the butterfly in his thorax. thus, he powers himself by insulting everybody around him. does that make a perpetual motion mech?


    Aric used (sarcastic) compliment.

    It was super effective!!!

    (I hope that the Parasoxes aren’t so afraid looking around him now).

  21. Chaos Theory

    Aric vs. Fergus: FIGHT!
    Aric used COMPLIMENT.
    Aric wins. Fatality!

  22. NoriMori

    Love the title. Lol. XD And everyone’s right: Aric’s eyes in panel 3 = hilarious.

  23. E_is_for_Eric

    I facepalmed at Lemmo because they prefer vinegar more than honey.
    I chuckled at Aric and Fergus because, well, it’s not what I expected. (It never is!)

  24. Jethro Rayne

    @ E_is_for_Eric.

    Technically yes, you attract more flies with vinegar, but you’re not going to get as many stuck if you use a fluid liquid vs the stickiness of honey.

    And nice comic strip, love the parasox. :D

  25. demonstarfox

    @Jethro Rayne

    But wouldn’t the vinegar just poison the flies?

  26. Dana

    why would vinegar poison flies?

  27. MarshmallowRadiation

    Now Lemmo’s going to congratulate Aric for getting Fergus to shut up, Aric’s going to act flattered, the soxes are going to compliment each other because that’s what they do, and the platform will crash on the ground, probably crushing the cookie king.

  28. marca311

    OH SNAP!
    That was better than the insult Fergus told Aric.

    I like how the Parasox are cowering in the 2nd panel.
    The expressions in this strip are priceless.

    marca out!

  29. Shirasong

    Silly me, thinking that he was being literal. I mean, technically, his constant onsults power the light bug, BRIGHTENING the lives of everyone! Lol.

    Also, Aric looks so self-satisfied in panels 3 and 4. Love it!

  30. Shirasong


  31. Renee

    Quick! Someone play a Kanye West CD! It might be the only thing capable of reviving him!

  32. Raiten

    What, as in insult to music?

  33. NoriMori

    Lol @Raiten.

    And lol @ everyone who’s saying “actually flies like vinegar better”… Maybe so, but that’s not how the proverb goes… XD

  34. Chaos Theory

    @People who keep saying flies like vinegar more: How many of you got that from xkcd?

  35. Flo

    even a cat couldn’t look more smug the Aric.

  36. maglorius

    I’ve spent most of my quality fly time with fruit flies, and they prefer rotten fruit

  37. switchblademx

    @maglorious- “Quality time with fruitflies” is a little disturbing. @comic- YEAH! that is the Aric I know and love. Scary how he flipped from shy, almost freightened animal to borderline-maniacal, ninja move dispensing pain monger! hmmm.. I have issues. BTW, how are the kids? or is that a banned topic.

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