Via Observation


  1. Renee

    Aww…such a sensitive man.

  2. Miesa

    oh noe! emotionally linked fles!

  3. Jloopy

    They also don’t seem to be getting further from the shovel beam.

  4. me1them1you

    or maybe it’s following them

  5. Teru

    A traveling beam?

  6. Ray

    So, Aric/Lemuel, is their a unique update counter for the site so far? Also, what’s the current update schedule & amount of unique readers?

  7. aric

    Hey Ray. We don’t have a counter on the site, but we’re happy to keep everyone updated. As posted on the front page, we’re at about 1,000 unique readers per update. Currently, we update Monday and Thursday.

  8. Ray

    Hey! Aric. Uh, I understand I may not be “close enough” to you(No offense.) to ask such personal questions, but why did you stop making Ashfield and is there anything that happened in the 3 years between Ashfield and Blank It that you can tell me?

    Sorry if this/these question(s) is/are an inconvenience to you.

  9. MBizzle

    I have nothing intelligent to say. Therefore, lolz.

  10. Gordy

    Ha, what a smart ass. I seem to be late to the part by a good three years… hm, well, I’ll catch up. Good stuff so far!

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