Warranted Offerings


  1. runedeadthA

    *sigh* Just one look at the king and I knew it wasn’t going to be easy for them. Don’t you just want to kick that cookie?

    And I bet Ten Metaphorical dollars that there will be a revolution somewhere in the near future. That or Regicide (Cookicide?).

  2. dd

    i’m wondering if (in the revolution, cookicide, etc) they will eat the cookie .__. mm..

  3. McFlury

    I’m wondering if the cookie king would go stand upside down, would it get a whole other personallity? (since it’d still be a cookie-person)

    Also, I love the look on Wendall’s face… he looks so happy :) I’m guessing he wasn’t a mean cookie after all, it’s just that cookies love to roleplay :)

  4. Zakky_Ketchup

    The king’s crotch looks angry D:

  5. Megan

    “how about a relationship as well?” sounds like a pick up line response from a crazy chick.

    man: “Can I get you a drink?”
    cc: “Such a mundane suggestion. How about a relationship as well?”


  6. RGSwan

    The king seems very indecisive. “What am I thinking?” “How about [our] relationship” I wonder what cookie law has to say on being a king.

  7. macksting

    We may never see that smiling/screaming mouth close. We do watch it stop smiling in the second panel, though. Should I record that on the wiki?

  8. Mo

    Improv cookies!

  9. g_rock

    LOL Megan!
    Also, Wendall is waaay too excited about this. I love the hand-raising jumping up and down level of excitement about knowing the answer, though. Probably learned behavior…”Not raising your hand? The King will hear of this!”

  10. me.vicky

    @ Megan: You are now the awesomest person I know.

    God, I hate that guy. He’s smarmy, effiminate and reminds me of Bugs Bunny, for some reason. Does anybody else see it?

  11. Ziggy Stardust

    AIGH! Just, ugh.
    I feel queasy.

  12. Midoriko

    Oh gods he’s like the Cheerful Fairy. (Five hundred points to anyone who gets the reference).

    And Wendall. Hmph. Like the teacher’s pet, but for a king. The King’s pet. You should’ve kicked him, Aric!

  13. ashsprout

    Its like the king doesn’t have any original thoughts of his own. A king that makes his subjects think for him?

  14. them1me1you

    now everyone think of this; every time the king frowns, the upside down face grins. grins manically with red eyes . . .

  15. Jill

    @ Mo That’s what I was thinking!

  16. Zapheres

    I think the gingerbread man is smiling in the second frame because the cookie king’s eyebrow is pressing “up” on ginger’s boob.

    Theory theory theory. =P

  17. Axel

    Oh my god, it makes so much sense now. This is all just a “Whose Line is it Anyway” sketch.

    Blank It: Where everything’s made up and the points don’t matter, just like the fundamental laws of physics.

  18. g_rock

    If he’s taking suggestions…L and A should jump in real quick and suggest the relationship the other way round
    “Splendid! It is a pleasure to see you, captors!”

  19. Haze23

    hmm…. the happier the king gets, the more pain the gingerbread man seems to be in.


    I like that Cookie Law is apparently though up almost like Madlibs, and then set in stone.

  21. Daniel


  22. Cavada

    @Megan That’s exactly what i thought when i heard his response

  23. Scarves

    Cheerful Fairy is the reference to Hogfather. Gimme points. But, strangely, today I do not want a cookie.

  24. Midoriko

    YES! Here are your points. For some inexplicable reason they are shaped like little teddy bears.

  25. Tom

    Wow, I just read the entire archive in the last few days. Thumbs up all around! I’ll be mentioning you on my comic in the near future!

  26. Cali

    Well, I just went through every comic so far, and I gotta say that it was quite an interesting read. It is very well-done, and it does deliver laughs. Looking forward to the rest of these.

  27. Ray

    You know, I think I realize why the cookie society is so **** lawful now. If you break the law, Wendall takes you to the king. For one: The king is genuine nightmare fuel, and for two: If he’s happy, he asks you how you’re feeling. You answer, and he asks about (a) relationship. Wendall says prisoner(s), and you’re imprisoned. If he’s mad(If we ever see him like that, ergo, upside down.) he’ll probably just imprison you anyway since, to him, you are apparently criminals.

  28. dagonboy6666

    “Oh gods he’s like the Cheerful Fairy. (Five hundred points to anyone who gets the reference). ”

    The Hogfather. Yay I win. what I aboat. a car. space ship. or maybe a TARDIS

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