We Can Dig It


  1. Cavada

    Oh my, the name suspense is killing me

  2. Zapheres

    What’s that in the background of panel 4? Anyone? Anyone?

  3. dave D

    Could it be one of the penguins’ planes? Could all that stuff they had before have been pillaged from the village that was formerly shrouded in fog?

  4. Midoriko

    Hey, Misty! Although I’m thinking the other unsettlers won’t let her lead or hang around now that she’s settled… and now she’s going to be ANGRY. She’ll find them and use her new solid form to kick him across the canvas!

    Anyway, I’m getting back in my cardboard box time machine and going to Thursday so’s I can see what’s going to happen.

    Also, my favorite part of this comic is the two little foxies going “I’m here!” in the background in response to Aric. Adorable.

  5. tailsteak001

    Maybe it does.
    It’s one of the Mu Qs

  6. Physicsman

    So… My prediction was only 1 comic off…

  7. King ginger rules

    I wonder if the plane in the background will blow up and own them

  8. Renee

    Oh, no….poor Misty. :(

  9. Dekoa

    You never know, she could now be named Renee or Lady Firebaugh.

  10. Ray

    Hmmm, so now the foxes are speaking of themselves, instead of each other. So perhaps they’re somewhat mentally unified or such right now?

    Either way, poor Misty. She’s probably going to become an outcast now that she’s solid….


    I’m just talkin’ ’bout … Shaft?

  12. Physicsman

    I wouldn’t b surprised if her name actually turns out to b Misty, cuz ppl hav been calling her that since she 1st appeared. And even thought Lem and Aric have them made about a week or 2 in advance (I’m assuming) the large lapse of time means they could have used that name.

    P.S I know I’m stating the obvious. I’m just saying I think her name will b Misty and why

  13. Andi

    Oh man! what is Misty’s name now? I have to know!

    I’m glad parasox are still here! yay!

  14. Bowserknight

    Oh wait!
    The Unsettlement ws destroyed by-
    They’re the only ones with what looks like magic, AND chip found Aric when he was heading for the Unsettlement!

  15. Fedorov92

    One: The parasox are adorable in panel 1

    Two: I believe that’s one of the penguin’s planes in the background of panel 4?

    Three: The misty guy in the background of panel 4 is hilarious!

    Four: I like Lemmo’s eyes in panel 3.

    That is all.

  16. Bluesox

    Oh noes!! It’s like she’s made of solids! They have to disown her! I’m HERE!!! Which isn’t there but if I say it that’s close enough…

  17. Ziggy Stardust

    Hee! I love this comic’s title.

  18. Music-chan

    Personally I think her name is going to be Princess Angelina Contessa Louisa Francesca Banana Fana Bobesca the Third. ;)

    But she’s not sparkly anymore. That makes me sad. T_T

  19. Lemmo

    You’ll have to buy the Digitally Remastered version for the sparkles.

  20. Retsof

    Solid or not, I’m just glad for the return of misty. I see great things for her charicter.

  21. Raron

    And much pants wetting for her followers.

  22. DefierOfPhysics

    “Oh no! She’s solid! This is an emergency! Get her to the hospital stat!”
    “Really, I’m fine! Put me down!”
    “Please calm down. The brightness of your rage is blinding me!”

    I like the slithering smoke effect around Misty as she becomes solid.
    Also, I like Aric’s face and hat in Panel 3. That’s a great expression. Lemmo’s eyes worry me, though. It’s like he’s had a name for her since they first met and has been going crazy not being able to say it.

  23. Lipkin

    “I’m just talking ’bout”


    Love it.

  24. camerbob

    I quote the book of Blank it:
    “Oooooo, Pretty!”
    -The Book of Blank-it

  25. Music-chan

    @lemmo Curse you expensive sparkles! =p

  26. boring7

    I am a b it surprised that the villagers and Misty have not moved from the plane wreckage.

    Of course it is possible that is *new* wreckage, the penguins are producing a lot of things.

  27. penguinbassist

    this has to be the single most cruelest way they could have named misty… cruel for us, anyway.
    >> Of course it is possible that is *new* wreckage, the penguins are producing a lot of things.
    …and?? the penguins are awesome, they’re allowed to break stuff. maybe.

  28. Im Bob. Hi.

    FINALLY! Cant she stay that way?!

  29. Cosmic Dog

    I’m having trouble seeing a resemblance of a plane in the background. I don’t know what it is, but it doesn’t look to me like a plane. Am I crazy?

  30. NoriMori

    @Cosmic Dog

    Yes, you’re crazy. It clearly resembles one of the penguin planes.

    Also, I just had a brainwave. You guys now how the onomatopoeia next to Misty says “Paft”? I would laugh so hard if she was named “Paft”. But I’d also be upset, because that’s a terrible name for such a pretty young thing.

  31. dagonboy6666

    “Oh no! She’s solid! This is an emergency! Get her to the hospital stat!”
    “Really, I’m fine! Put me down!”
    “Please calm down. The brightness of your rage is blinding me!”

    lol lol lol lol lol and lol

  32. switch

    Finally solid…Misty? Guess that’ll have to do until the name drop. Definitely opens possibilities for thje storyline.

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