Weak Parlay


  1. macksting

    I’m totally stealing that weak devil’s advocate style some day.

  2. NoriMori

    Lol. Did they do the tesser thing again (anyone read A Wrinkle in Time?) or simply disappear due to the end of the comic being in their way? It looks like the former, cuz their forms are cut off before the comic’s actual border.

  3. Renee

    Aric and Lemmo are going to fall in this time.

  4. Parrot

    I wonder if you can see up his hollow arm into his body or if it just stops. Anyway, the foxes are cute. X3

  5. wonderboy

    wow, and teh edge slants at the bottom, too. it must be a door

  6. inusushi

    Is it just me, or have the foxes grown back to pre-split size?

  7. maglorius

    Ohhhhhh! So cute! Wif their tiny widdle fangs & their tilted widdle heads *explodes from all the cute* :-D

  8. djeims

    Fastest debate ever!

  9. Mell

    I wish I could have one of these guys as a pet :) …except for the fact that I think they’d do some massive property damage

  10. Physicsman

    @NoriMori: “A Wrinkle in Time” was an awesome book.

  11. NoriMori


    It was pretty interesting all right. I like the whole “Camazots” (“Cazamotz”? Or something?) part of the plot, it reminded me of 1984 or something. And somehow the way the whole book played out reminded me of “The Unwritten Girl”. I do like how the author turned “tesser” into a verb. Although I wish she’d used the concept of a “tesseract” correctly. Couldn’t she have invented her own word? >< And I also didn't really enjoy the religious overtones. But anywho. :P


    Really? I actually find this to be their least cute depiction. I actually find 'em kind of…ugly… :S In that panel, I mean. Creepy-lookin'.


    Where? I don't see a slant at the bottom.

  12. KylarSilvayne

    I’m loving this comic. Its running on nonsenseableism is so great.

    anway, I can’t help but also notice that the Parasox are bigger (not to mention talking in complete sentences). I’m agreeing with maglorius, this is cute. This is very cute.

    …but I don’t see a door anywhere. Just shadows and a motion line.

  13. Sir Matt

    I had been wondering if the foxes were growing. I had not caught the talking improvements. I wish everyone debated the way Lemmo and Aric do.

  14. Jethro Rayne

    Either the pairasox grew in the ‘short’ time they’ve been gone. (Or have they been gone for ‘years’? O.o
    Or they were just drawn out of proportion. :P

  15. Ray

    @inusushi: The foxes do seem slightly larger. But I doubt they actually are.

  16. alexportal14

    Yeah, I’ve read A Wrinkle in Time. The foxes probably are.

  17. August

    Pro? I’ve only heard of ‘aff’ and ‘neg’, for affirming and negating. Maybe that’s just for LD competitive debate?

  18. madness

    Hah! Pro and con, i get it now!

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