Welcome Back


  1. PolleN112

    The Para-sox is/are baack!! And whats more we’re back on the Canvas. …Is it just me or does Lemmo’s arm look like it’s digging in its roots in the last panel?

  2. polarg

    Yay! Back to blank background! and the cute things too!!!

  3. Tomixcomics


    @PolleN112 – I think it’s just you.

  4. Parrot

    Yeah! Blank background is so comforting now.
    Also, Socks is back! Awesome! 8D

  5. cheetaboy7

    I am amazed that Aric’s glasses are still in one piece after all thats happened. Also, yay! The Parasox twins are back! =D

    @PolleN112 – I see it too.

  6. Jacob

    I’d ask where the Hell the ParaSox came from, but I’m actually kind of used to these things now.

  7. Ryan


    @cheetaboy7: Aric’s glasses have special powers.

  8. E_is_for_Eric

    This answers my question on whether or not Aric and Lemmo were still ‘normal’ sized or not. Seeing as how the foxes are still considerably smaller than them.

    @PolleN112 and cheetaboy7 – I don’t think it’s his arm(fingers) rooting into the canvas so much as it is just the position he’s in, and the way his hand was drawn and the angle we are viewing the ensuing chaos.

  9. couldahadav8

    Wooo! Back to what Blankit calls normal! And the Soxes! Ahhh, it’s like a reunion.

  10. NoriMori


  11. Renee

    YAY!!!! *KermitFlail*

    Also, happy 50th to the “Flintstones”. It’s fun watching those cartoons and seeing how very sexist some of those episodes are.


    Hooray!!! The BlankWorld & ParaSox return! It’s all back to normal…

    …except Lemmo’s arm is still made of wood.

  13. ColonelLuxray

    Hooray, parasox is back! I predict a 100% chance of adorableness.

  14. PyroForge

    What happens when he drinks hand juice now?

  15. anony


  16. Megan

    Oh my sox!!! YAAAAYYY!!!!! *cuddles computer screen*

    seriously. Y’all need to find a way to make parasox plushies. I’d buy at least a set :D

  17. maglorius

    Wee! Hooray! CUUUUUTE!

  18. cheetaboy7

    You know, the color looks allot better than it used to for some reason. Don’t know why it is but I’m happy with it!

  19. me.vicky

    Hooray! Nice to see the ParaSox again!

  20. Ray

    Hooray, finally out of the frying pan! And speaking of things found in a kitchen, have they eaten and/or drank had anything other than Hand Juice?

  21. Jaz

    SOX!! WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN?! ahem. now that I have that out of my system, you are probably waiting for one of my famous witty/sarcastic/just-plain-awesome comments. sorry guys, I used all of my sarcasm for today on this one kid in my class. he didn’t deserve it. k thnx bai!! -jaz

  22. Defier of Physics

    I can’t think of a better way to return “home” than to be tackled by cute furry animals.

  23. Piemaster

    and to think I thought they would be sucked into a giant lawnmower…
    well, whatever. At least Farts and Farts are back (they named themselves Farts remember?)

  24. ThisIsNotDan

    I hope you guys aren’t just giving into the constant demand for Sox to return…

  25. Thebrum

    ugh, all the past self references made me re-read the entire archive in an afternoon.

    Also- bring on the side characters! The parasox and misty have had really minimal roles thus far.

  26. Mell

    Hoooorrrraaaayyyy!!! Socks’s is back :D

  27. MarshmallowRadiation

    That settles if they’re still in the same universe. Now, where did the chaos forest come from?

  28. runedeadthA

    And the Fandom Rejoiced!

  29. Gabriel

    The new clothing colors look great now that they are seen on the white background.

  30. Music-chan

    Yay! the foxes! :D

  31. Jethro Rayne

    Awesome, just a new piece of the same universe. :) And it’s a large new piece too…

  32. Glo

    @ ThisIsNotDan: They’re not really the type to be coaxed into fan service. ParaSoxs (Farts & Farts) returning must have just been in the cards!

  33. Timeline


  34. Flo


  35. Wolfox

    Yay Sox!

  36. Defier of Physics

    The grass seems normal-sized now and the storm is small. Did Lemmo and Aric shrink?

  37. Yogurt?

    Do you people think we are going to find out where the cyclone came from?

  38. Lipkin

    Hooray indeed!

  39. M

    Yay! Farts and Farts!
    I lolled when I noticed that Aric just says ‘Oof’ and Lemmo just says ‘Aaf’!
    I wonder if there will ever be a BLANK-IT MOVIE!
    Omg that would be epic.

  40. CicadaFightsViking

    Awesome. yay. and stuff.

  41. Dran

    a Blank It movie would be awesome if the director didnt mess it up

  42. jill

    Hooray! Hooray!

  43. wonderboy

    i thought the foxes were named farts

  44. Defier of Physics

    I find the trajectory of the foxes to be quite curious. Yin is falling straight down as if there is a tree or rafter or something above him. Also, Yan’s eye looks funny, as if he was a fish or something. I guess the white pupil is really freaking me out.

  45. Defier of Physics

    In other news, the characters have a nice rhythm starting to form.
    Keep it up and you might get something comparable to this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tx1XIm6q4r4

  46. AllCaps

    yay!!!! the little foxes have returned:)

  47. Minando

    Hm, foxes are basically some kind of dogs, are they not ? Let´s hope they don´t mistake Lemmo for a tree.

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