Well That’s Nice


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  2. ajax

    Awesome comic and it would be even nicer with a “latest comic”-button (which I might have missed ofcourse and then I take the opportunity to apologize in advance).

  3. Jloopy

    Aww… you can really feel the love.

  4. Lemmo

    Welcome, Ajax. The “Home” link in the menu will always take you to the most recent comic. Otherwise, there’s a list of the 5 most recent comics on the left sidebar.

    We don’t believe in “first” and “last” nav buttons next to the comic, but we promise you’ll find everything you need on the menus and sidebars for navigation.

  5. DragoNero

    er guys…. i have wide screen monitor, so its not my screen thats the issue… but the right hand banner has gone down ther:

  6. DragoNero

    NOTE: its 1px too wide XD

  7. Sillytwist

    whats the blur on the bottom of Arics bug thing, any ideas anyone?

  8. Thanatos

    umm yeah it’s the bug’s wings, Sillytwist. Lemmo’s bug has em too on top

  9. Sillytwist

    ah yeh i see that now. i thought i saw the wings on it due to its legs sitting there. my bad.

  10. socksbot

    i gotta think since arics bug is upside down wouldnt the wings be pushing air up thus causing him to go down

  11. NoriMori


  12. seananners

    TALKING FLY!!!! ΦθΦ!!!!

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