What Goes Around


  1. Sebskrill

    Aric is such a nice guy…

  2. Fire arms

    For once lemo rationalizes while Eric is being the funny one who doesn’t care about ‘why’ they are there

  3. Musicluvr

    I now want to find a reason to use the phrase “existential rabbit hole”

  4. Ninja

    Did they spontaneously switch brains or something?

  5. E_is_for_Eric

    Watch out Lemmo! Aric is going to use his molars to chew through your optic nerve!

    Also, Lemmo, just think of it like this: no one can ever really know transcendent truth; believe that there is a meaning, even if we can’t understand it.

  6. Defier of Physics

    But who is to say that there is not an understandable meaning? Based on everything that has happened so far, I think having a purpose would not come even close to being weird. Unless, of course, that truth was delivered by a giant, talking, flying monkey deity. Then it would be about on par with everything else.

  7. Ray

    Hey, role-reversal! You think it has anything to do with something plot-related that may be really wierd?

  8. Flo

    nice subtle change there. it’s nice for people to switch around and stuff.

    I also love Aric’s last line. :D

  9. marca311

    Has anyone but me noticed the fog-type formations in the background? What about the tail-like things coming out of Aric and Lemmo? (or are those just shadows?)

    Side note: when I opened this page, google toolbar asked if I wanted to translate this page for indonesian. I LOL’d

  10. marca311

    After looking closer, I realized they were on bugs and the tails were the legs and the fog stuff were the wings, sorry!

    Indonesian thing’s still funny though.

  11. Music-chan

    I claim this comic for my birthday. >_> <_< At the ripe ol' age of 31, I am not jumping down the existential rabbit hole

  12. Midoriko

    Yeah Lemmo, the first time you spoke you drew attention to the pantslessness of Aric’s society. That ruined everything.

    There are so many perfect things about this comic, and each strip just keeps making it better.

  13. Anony

    anybody feel sorry for poor lemmo? i feel kinda sad for all that theyre going through, especially lemmo, realizing that reality alters to his presence, causing the tyranical rage of a madman, the death of societies… i know its not his fault, but sympathy to you man!

  14. Musicluvr

    I’m also kind of wondering if Aric will ever get his pants back…

  15. Bluesox

    it’s always about the moment…

  16. cheetaboy7

    The first time he spoke? As in when Lemmo started getting moody or way back when they first met?

  17. ThisIsNotDan

    Well, the first time Lemmo spoke it ruined the moment Aric was having as he gloried in his pantslessness, so I’d say it’s a throwback to that. Plus, the reference to ruining the moment is also a throwback to the first strip, so we seem to be throwing back to about the same point in time.

    I’d stopped caring about his pants, but what I’m wondering is when Aric is gonna get his hat back!

  18. cheetaboy7

    Cool, thanks for the reply. I’m surprised it only took 6 minuets for an answer.

  19. John

    I really liked Lemmo’s shoes, you know. Proper arch support is a must in the vast wasteland that is the canvasverse.

  20. Defier of Physics

    I’m going to disagree and say the first word in this strip is what Aric is referring to, when Lemmo asks “Why?”. After the point-of-view thing, it was a moment-ruiner for sure.

  21. them1me1you

    now why do we need a purpose? what is it that makes people want a purpose? (I would LOVE a porpoise). I just read the book “Medicine River” which ends without climax or any sort of change since the beginning. it was a brief snapshot of life. I think we should not ponder a “Why?” of existence but just enjoy the life we have now. personally i don’t think there was a point, just electrically charged atoms and compounds that for amino acids and early DNA and since then all life we know has evolved. thats my take on existentialism, its a waste of time.

  22. Renee


  23. Fire arms

    @Renee: I think what he was trying to say was that we should all just go with the flow. He also challenged every religion in existance but hey it’s his opinion. I’m a bad Christian so don’t asume that I take offence to what you just said, I don’t. Also man though I believe in evolution myself it technically hasn’t been proven yet kinda like global warming (or at least al gores version) so you shouldn’t talk about it like it like it’s a fact cause it’s not technically it’s still a theory.

  24. Fire arms

    @me: I wanna take back my comment on you saying evolution is a fact cause I re-read your message And realized that you only said think not that it is sorry about the rant I miss-read your message.

  25. Jeremy

    is it me or are Lemmo’s hair spikes getting longer???

  26. Jeremy

    *front hair spikes

  27. Renee

    @FireArms I was actually just replying to the comic. I realize it’s a couple days too late. ^^;

  28. E_is_for_Eric

    @Jeremy Lemmo does not draw Lemmo’s hair spikes to scale.

  29. Jeremy

    @Eric yeah you’re right but they are just getting ridiculously big XD

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