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  1. Yogurt?

    “MATTER CANNOT BE DESTROYED” Is this a law of physics or cookie law?

  2. macksting

    Quite possibly both.
    I like that he touched it and made it grow. Is that the same blue arky-sparky he used to teleport them? If so, I wonder from whence comes this near-mastery over matter.

  3. WeeGoblin

    Officially prisoners though. And neither batted an eye.

  4. WeeGoblin

    …also if that thing still reacts to bad language just think of the exponential increase in power it is now capable of. Boom? I take it “BRAGK” is not a swaer word then?

  5. Fedorov92

    The fourth panel lends itself to the imagination, for sure… It either implies that Cookies are the ‘creators’ of this world, as they obey cookie law, and therefore have the ability to decide what can and cannot happen; or it implies that the cookie is simply insane, as indicated by the, ‘PSHAW.’ That may just be derogatory, however.

  6. Ray

    Geez, Wendall, you just had to go and ruin Aric’s moment of awesome… :(

  7. McFlury

    Well, I guess there’s only so much a cookie will take… One’s got to love Wendall’s reasoning though… Very devoted to cookie law… I’m hoping to one day find a booklet or something that has the cookie law in it, so I too could obey cookie law.

    Though the whole ‘matter can be created’ thingy might be a hard rule to obey as a chemistry student :s

    Other thing though: Wendall seems to have made Aric and Lemmo both rather dirty through teleporting them… doesn’t cookielaw now force him to carry both? Or did I missunderstand earlier example of cookielaw?

  8. Cavada

    well, i guess the offense against cookie law was pretty severe. I don’t know why Lemmo is in trouble though. I guess that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

  9. Ziggy Stardust

    Matter cannot be created or destroyed in real life, but it appears that in this strange world that Aric and Lemmo now inhabit that this is not the case.

  10. Lipkin

    Matter has been created all over the place on the canvas. Remember back to the map when something popped into existence.

    Sox might actually be Aric’s socks. The canvas couldn’t destroy his socks, so it turned them into a fox.

  11. noisyparker

    “Cookie Law” is looking more and more like an oxymoron. Demanding that the noncookies they run into must slavishly follow their “crumby” ways, transporting people without their consent and imprisoning them, adding matter to the Universe willy-nilly, getting chocolate mess on everyone due to their refusal to consider a candy coating… If Wendall isn’t some cookie supervillain, then it is starting to look like the whole Cookie Court is out of order.

  12. JamesLite

    What I don’t understand is why they don’t just get out now.

    Cookies aren’t exactly known for resisting the human foot.

  13. Murphy

    One has to wonder: if one set the cookie King on fire, would you be able to claim him according to penguin law, or would you have to carry him about for wronging him?

  14. Daniel

    What do they have better to do then see the Cookie King, James?
    Aric and Lemmo have no reason to leave, and they’re not cruel or anything, so they wouldn’t leave him and make him mad just ‘cuz they can.

    Also: perhaps the penguins and the cookies will have a war, based on their (probable) differences in laws…If so, would the bugs get into it? Hmm….

    @Murphy: Depends on who you ask.

  15. Andi

    Woah! back up! did Wendall just say prisoners? how did that happen? So not cool Wendall!

  16. RGSwan

    I think Wendall is making a huge mistake in thinking he (or any of the other cookies for that matter) has any semblance of control over Aric/Lemmo. After all, it must be rather difficult to insist upon Cookie Law when faced with the “I have teeth and I can eat you” law. Especially considering how delicious chocolate chip cookies are.

  17. tez711

    Is it just me, or did Wendall’s personality change a bit too drastically over the course of the past few comics.

  18. McFlury

    Perhaps Wendall is getting annoyed by the ignorance of Aric and Lemmo, and that’s why he’s getting angry.

    And after all, Aric and Lemmo aren’t all that nice… Wendall saved their life most likely and all he got was being threatened by a bug sword… I can imagine cookies don’t like that.

  19. Lipkin

    I really want that brown thing that has been in the backround to be the Cookie King. Giant Cookie King. It’s clear being giant is not outside the realm of possibilities.

    And now the Giant Cookie King could have a giant bug sword!

  20. Jevning

    Is the sword still growing or is the last panel just a close up? If it stopped growing, why is it still covered in electrified blue?

  21. Mast3rmind

    if matter can be created by cookie law, can they also transform other matter into something completely different? could they make aric and lemmo cookies, that way they couldnt eat their way out, would have to obey cookie law, and would be unable to escape cuz they could be melted, wendal you diabolical genious!

  22. Mast3rmind

    also, look how wide lemmos eyes got in the second panel, thats pretty cool considering he is only human, and i cant do that

  23. Random Stranger #27

    If they become cookies, can’t they just become cannibals?

  24. EP

    That hippie needs to get a haircut.

  25. Atlas

    I am marveled at the sheer creativity involved in this comic, and I started about the time of the shovel beam!

    Also, does anybody else think penguin and cookie laws would make the world better in real life?

  26. mast3rmind

    i do think that penguin and cookie laws would be better in real life, but we’d ahve to choose one or the other, and it would end up dividing the planet, into a giant melee where people try to force each others beliefs on each other…so pretty much today, but with more penguins and cookies. Then there would be underground resistences who are dedicated to the old laws, then the bugs would come out of nowhere and annihilate us

  27. Daniel


    Nice theories, mast3rmind. Lol.

  28. dagonboy6666

    “One has to wonder: if one set the cookie King on fire, would you be able to claim him according to penguin law, or would you have to carry him about for wronging him?”

    Well if you claimed the cookie king would’t that requie you to carry him, so techicly if you ate him after seting him on fire you would’t be breaking either laws.

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