Whence They Came


  1. E_is_for_Eric


    Farewell robotic friends! *wave*

  2. djeims

    The robots might be doing trades: Aric trades pants for hair, Lemmo trades hat for hat, and stovehat isn’t really Aric’s anywheys, and foxes get traded for sockses. It all makes perfect sense, of course!

  3. Zapheres

    I feel slightly retarded, but anyone know what “it” is?

  4. Tomixcomics

    @Zapheres – No, no, I’m equally clueless.

  5. Ryan

    I got a full-on robot chubby.

  6. Spencey

    @Zapheres I assume ‘it’ is the hat which was stolen in the previous strip.

  7. Renee

    Shouldn’t he have said, “Get ‘them’ back,” since they need to recover a hat and a pair of jeans?

  8. Renee

    Oops! Previous comment @Spencey
    Neat avatar, Spencey!

  9. lankhmar

    ok that was epic.

    but is he talking about the hat? the robots? THE robot? the pants?

  10. TheBean

    Hmm, I don’t know what they need to get back, maybe their dignity?
    I just re-read the whole cookie kingdom conflict and I didn’t see that they took anything from them, other than the bug sword. But there was a panel of some old dude and a cookie tapped him on the shoulder. I don’t recall any of that story getting past that point…maybe they need to get him back? WHAT DO THEY NEED TO GET BACK?!

  11. Ninja

    Obviously, they’re going to beat the crumbs out of King Ginger.

  12. Red Shyguy

    Am I the only one to hear the Assassins Creed leap of faith noise in panel two?

  13. Lemmo

    I thought by now you’d all know exactly what was going on.

  14. Jonathon David

    Get what back? Pride? Dignity? Free cookie? no wait.

  15. Jonathon David

    okay, no, really, that’s not fair, they didnt leave anything but the bug leg there. get what back???

  16. Midoriko

    @Red Shyguy: No, I heard it too, and it was awesome.

    I think they’re gonna get the cookie palace back. I think they’re gonna beat it up with their bare hands. And consume all the cookies.

    Also, I am very worried about the foxes. I hope they come back soon

  17. E_is_for_Eric

    The only ‘real’ thing I can think of that they would want to ‘get back’ would be their dignity.

  18. Ryan

    It’s clearly something to do with the cookie king’s mystery demand.

  19. E_is_for_Eric

    Perhaps they are going to rebuild the hamlet. Perhaps they are going to take back what was stolen from the Penguins. Perhaps they are going to make sure that the kingdom stays breached so that Fergus and the other bugs can feast on the sugary goodness of the cookies entrails.

  20. TheBean

    hmmm…cookie entrails…
    I’m sure it’ll make sense once it happens, but right now…no clue what they’re going to get back.

  21. lemmo

    No idea? Really guys?

  22. lemmo

    Aric would kill me if I gave out spoilers. But trust me. You go back and actually read the comic, you smart cookies can figure this whole thing out. I expect you to bonk your collective heads together and do it before Thursday.

  23. lemmo

    Hell. You guys figure it out by Thursday and I’ll draw you a desktop wallpaper.

  24. TheBean

    oh snap, gauntlet has been thrown…guess I’ll re-read them again and see if I can devine anything

  25. TheBean

    well, I read back through from when Wendell insisted on carrying Aric for getting chocolate all over him.
    I really don’t know what “it” they’re referring to for the taking. I’d say they would take over the cookie kingdom, but they never had it so it couldn’t be back.
    Possibly Parasox since they disappeared around the time the robots were pouring onto the kingdom, but I would think it would be to take them back then rather than it.
    Oh, and I think the guy the cookie tapped on the shoulder was the first transparent person Lemmo named that turned him into an outcast.
    I suppose there’s always the possibility they were talking about taking back the one thing that would complete the cookie kingdom, since we weren’t told what that was, but since it was either help them acquire that or be punished and they were punished, I doubt that’s it either…so really I got a whole lot of nothing other than a desire for a desktop wallpaper!!

  26. Clockwork

    I figured it out they are going to get The Staff King Ginger was holding. It must belong to the robots because it has a bolt on it

  27. E_is_for_Eric

    @Clockwork — Nice eye(s)!! — I’m still scratching my head about the missing component.

    I think to coincide with the staff, the cookies must have the Robot Matriarch held captive. Now Aric and Lemmo, while retrieving the staff, must release the Robot Matriarch.

  28. Clockwork

    I noticed it because it was shiny..

  29. E_is_for_Eric

    Hahaha… awesome.

  30. Flo

    um… I just assumed they were getting the hat back, cause lemmo loves it so much.

    on another note, I like how the robots look when falling down/jumping off. they look like their posing for the end of a rap video, tee hee!

  31. Flo

    It might be Aric’s pants, but he doesn’t really care for them.

  32. Clockwork

    If the Staff they are going to get I wonder who the Robot King is…

  33. Clockwork

    If it’s*

  34. Pseudo

    I just read “get it back” as “Extract revenge upon it”…”it” being the ravaged cookie kingdom robot that just tried to kill them. It didn’t occur to me that they may be retrieving an object.

  35. Christian

    I’ma say his invention or the shovel beam.

  36. Clockwork

    @E_is_for_Eric I think the Componet is a Nut
    Because the staff has a Bolt.
    Just guessing.
    Or a wrench no idea.

  37. Ninja

    Perhaps the map the parasox destroyed?

  38. Ninja

    The shovel Beam!

  39. Ray

    Well then, I guess it looks like Aric’s DEFINITELY not going to get his pants back now.

  40. Defier of Physics

    The pose of the Aric robot in panel 2 is awesome! It’s like “what up? Yeah, I tightened my belt so my pants stay on as I jump through the air while wearing funky-looking haberdashery. What are you gunna do about it?” Awesome. The way the eyes glow beneath the hat and his arm-crossed pose make him look gangsta.

    As far as “it” is concerned, I’m going to say the cookies burned the misty hamlet down looking for the thing that makes the cookie kingdom “complete.” King Ginger is a tyrant and has been harassing the cookies to find the pieces to some sort of device or artifact. In the searching process, the cookies discovered that one of the pieces was in the misty hamlet and laid siege on the hamlet. King Ginger asked Aric and Lemmo to retrieve the final piece of the artifact. Since neither King Ginger nor Aric and Lemmo knew the location of this piece, Ginger locked Aric and Lemmo in prison.

    “It” is the piece of the artifact that the cookies took from the misty hamlet.

  41. Defier of Physics

    Yeah… Aric isn’t actually going to get his pants back. So far he’s lost his shoes, his socks, his hair, two hats, and a bug-sword. I have reason to believe that he will not loose his boxers or his hoodie, and his shirt is not likely either (especially since it is under his hoodie). However, any articles of clothing could be taken away again.

    And, of course, immediately after posting my “it” theory I think of new analysis. Firstly, the hamlet was under siege immediately before Aric and Lemmo were taken to the hamlet, so the giant castle robot probably was not used in the siege.

    Also, it is possible that the piece King Ginger was looking for was in the hamlet, but one of the townspeople fled with it. Perhaps Pericles van Mudgett had it on his person. He was alienated from the hamlet before the siege was laid, after all. Misty might also have it. Mudgett was approached by a cookie, which probably means the cookie was going to recruit Pericles to the cookie cause.

    However, if the piece was not taken from the hamlet during the siege, Aric and Lemmo would not be able to “get it back,” unless either (1) the cookies took a piece from the hamlet, but the other piece was with a fleeing citizen, (2) the cookies took a piece from the hamlet, but the other piece is somewhere else, or (3) the cookies did not take the piece from the hamlet and “it” is something else.

  42. lemmo

    One day down, two to go. If you guys figure it out (collectively), I’ll make the new wallpaper available with the comic on Thursday.

  43. Tree McAwesomesauce

    …Could it be Lemmo’s original hat?

  44. Goriath

    I think Lemmo means that he wants to get the Giant Cookie City Robot back for attacking them first, see him rolling up his sleeve?

  45. Goriath

    Oooh and also get the Cookies back for destroying the mist city! I think it likely that we’ll see our named woman again sometime soon!

  46. Froggy

    what I kinda question is how the cookies obtained a castle that turned into a robot. I was thinking that maybe that could be part of it. The cookies could have overrun the robots and they were then forced to go underground. Plus the two lookalike robots must have some significant besides the fact that they are lookalikes. Their size difference and structure dictate that they are like kings to their robot society that of which they lost. (possibly) this is strongly related the the hamlet village and how they lost their society. Also in the strip of the cookie tapping on perciles’ shoulder the title of the strip is called refugee. If you want to figure the whole ‘it’ thing make sure your reading the titles. Thanks. This is my first comment on here!!

  47. Ashton Melancon

    In “crustulum lex” the king mentioned that there was a component that was missing from his marvelous kingdom. the next comic featured Pericles Van Mudgett & the next one had them trapped on the treadmill carrying cookies, wishing they could have helped the king what that thing. I’m guessing that since the hamlet was destroyed, there was something there the king wanted & the boys refused to help him, so the cookies went to get it. might be what gave them giant city robot powers. so now they need to get it back to keep them from having all that power.

  48. Fat Badger

    I bet it was the cookies that saved them previously who may or may not be captured by the cookie kingdom, and their sense of pride commands that they save them? mayhaps?

  49. Fat Badger

    NOW I KNOW! The cookie king needed a special component to finish his castle and previously it could not mooved and where naught but a regular caste. Not it moves fight and squash and it must have been that special componen. And now our protagonists wishes to take back that thing and thereby save the world from cookie tyrany.

    I can’t believe I just said something that sounded so stupid and yet so awesome at the same time.

  50. Jethro Rayne

    Ok, what about the thing that they couldn’t help the Cookie King with? Was it something that he took from them, or something that they didn’t want to give him? Was anything on them that suddenly was after they couldn’t help him out? :P Just posting my thoughts, too tired to go find it atm…

  51. Jethro Rayne

    OR, What if they are talking about “Misty” herself? They don’t know she’s solid yet, and they kinda got zapped away from her. Is Lemmo calling her ‘it’ so as to not really name her yet, but wants to find her again??

  52. Jethro Rayne

    ok ok, one more thought that came into my head…
    I’ll write it quick before bed.
    Should a crown be on a foot?
    Or does it belong on a different head?

  53. Chlimaxe

    “it” can be referring to king gingers staff, something to do with that one task they could not help king ginger with, or lemmos ability to keep his hair spike from growing any larger.

    On an unrelated note i do believe perciles will return soon on account of the fact that the last time we saw him a cookie patted his shoulder.

  54. Chlimaxe

    btw the silver robot looks so gangster in the second panel

  55. Tomixcomics

    It’s not the hat, you guys. The robots stole the hats and the pants, but when he’s saying they should get it back he’s obviously looking a the palace doors.

  56. Harv

    I would’ve though they’re going to get King Ginger or that original cookie that got them into the whole mess. Where’s the sword anyway?

  57. Clockwork

    I’m sticking with the King Ginger’s sceptor idea.

  58. Froggy

    Now I think it’s the shovel. Cause lemmo ask when they get back to hamlet village “where’s the shovel beam” . It’s no longer there and if the cookie robot invaded that place then that what it might have been looking for

  59. Froggy

    Sorry abouT the grammer fail in my last comment.

  60. TheBean

    yeah, I’ll bet you guys totally nailed it. The component that the king needed and Aric and Lemmo couldn’t help him with was totally in the hamlet. And it had to be the item that made the cookie kingdom do giant robot stuff. So yeah, they’re going to get back the item that belongs to the misty people to end the cookie kings tyranny. and stuff…

  61. Bluesox

    awkward confusion attack!!

  62. NoriMori

    Yeah, I’ve been reading the last few comments, and the “component” idea sounds good. I’ve read all the way back to when they first see King Ginger, and I can’t think of anything else that they could be thinking of that wouldn’t have already become beyond-irrelevant.

    Aric or Lemmo, please tell us if we’re right or not so that we can keep guessing until Thursday! :D

  63. Dran

    are they going back for farts? As in the parsox

  64. magic-esi

    Well, I’m pretty sure, judging from the seriousness of Aric and Lemmo’s faces in this comic, it’s not something trivial like the hat or the pants or anything like that. Lemmo would likely say, “Get back at it,” if they meant revenge by ‘Get it back’, so it’s not revenge either.

    I like the idea of the component of the hamlet, but somehow I doubt that we would be likely to come up with a weird conspiracy like that just by reading the comic. And Aric and Lemmo themselves (the characters, not the writers) probably wouldn’t be able to see beyond the cookies’ evil plan. Unless, of course, King Ginger told them about it.

    They wouldn’t refer to a person, like Pericles van Mudgett, as ‘it’. So it’s some sort of object, probably stolen by the cookie kingdom. It could have to do with the shovel beam, the hamlet, the robots, the cookies, the Socks-Fox… or some other thing. I’d think that it’s whatever King Ginger wanted from them that they couldn’t get, and that the king told them about this thing during the Pericles comic.

    So the component idea IS pretty valid, but I don’t see why it should have been so obvious.

  65. Jonathon David

    There was never any indication that they left anything but a bug leg at the cookie kingdom.

    The best they could be getting back is their pride, dignity, and/or honor.

  66. Jonathon David

    oh, good eye clockwork, i hadnt noticed the staff! maybe it does belong to the robots after all…

  67. Physicsmaster

    I think they want to get back their hats.

  68. lemmo

    This is so fun!

  69. Dran

    I’m guessing it’s not the ceptoe because lemmo hasn’t said anything, but I so think that it is very likely. It also could have somethin to do with “that thing” the king needed, he called it “a missing component” I think

  70. Dran

    Reading through the comments, I saw the shovel beam so it could be the shovel or maybe misty

  71. OJ

    they could be trying to get back at either the cookies or the 2 robots who had their clothing. …remember Aric’s pantless society? funny times, funny times………….. :D

  72. Defier of Physics

    I figured the “something weird” on the map was either that the misty hamlet was destroyed, that the cookie castle was a giant robot, or that the cookie castle was moving. However, it could have been something else, and thus Lemmo would know while we do not. We also do not know what King Ginger told Aric and Lemmo in the throne room.

    However, we do know the hamlet has fallen (probably from siege with the cookies), the shovel beam is missing, and the cookie kingdom was missing a component when Aric and Lemmo were thrown in cookie prison.

    I am now going to use my knowledge of Zelda plot to deduce what is going on. Long ago, before the cookies even existed, four components were scattered across the infinite plane. The cookies, mist people, penguins, and bugs were sent down to guard them. But the cookies got jealous, so King Ginger greedily vowed to collect and reunite all four pieces of this not-so-ancient relic.

    Now Aric and Lemmo must quest forth to stop King Ginger’s tyrannical rampage.

  73. boring7

    I’m with Shovel beam.

    An object with a “looped” falling pattern that is affected by gravity will essentially create energy from nothing, a perpetual motion machine. Logically a giant robot castle requires large amounts of energy to move. A perpetual motion machine that can be harnessed can provide energy. The cookies have the capacity to muddle with spatial relations and thus, potentially, harness the energy.

    Alternatively, physics and logic do not apply and the shovel, in spite of hitting “re-entry” speeds and burn is intact and was used as a component in the castle-bot.

    On a potentially unrelated note, Aric seems to consistently be losing clothing from the bottom up. Currently the “no wangs” rule is competing with the “follow a pattern” rule of which article of clothing he shall lose next.

    My money’s on shirt, but I’ve been wrong before.

  74. Anony

    pure speculation, but i thought that the whole thing with the poser robots played a larger role.
    Maybe Lemmo and Aric are reffering to “it” as they’re real personalities.

    What i thought of as a possibility is that the Lemmo and Aric robots are the real Lemmo and Aric. and the ones we know are memory copies, which would explain theyre urgency clarity, why king Ginger wants something from them, and why all the stuffs happening in their name, and that they woke up nowhere.
    I think that the Lemmo and Aric we see arent really Lemmo and Aric, but the robots are. the robots were being chased by the cookies, so they implanted their identities into the people we know so they could hide the important piece and such.

    just an idea, but it explains a lot.
    we have to get our real identities back.

  75. OJ

    anyone know how to get an avatar from photo library? I have a touch & can’t find out how. please help me!

  76. OJ

    & btw, OJ stands for orange juice, & I chose it because I love orange juice

  77. OJ


  78. OJ

    I think ‘it’ refers to everything, anything, & nothing. remember that things keep randomly appearing and that stuff. I’m not sure if I’m right but I might be pretty close.

  79. Andrew the great!

    Didn’t the kind what them to do something? they couldnt help him then so the had to carry the cookies! back in like hangdog-and-shamefaced

  80. OJ

    JK!!! it’s more of a random guess, I guess. I guess typing guess, I guess was a little weird, I guess that I guess that I guess that I think that

  81. OJ

    do you have a touch?

  82. OJ

    I’m kind of confused now. o_0

  83. Anony

    does anybody else see the robots as more than just another two robots that stole Aric’s clothes?

  84. OJ

    not me. I’ll look to see if I do

  85. Anony

    btw, i am the one that said the theory that Lemmo and Aric are memory copies, or lack of memory therof… whatever

  86. OJ

    think my guess could be close?

  87. Anony

    i say we come up with as many seperate theories as to what hes talking about to ensure that we get it and Lemmo will make the desktop.

  88. OJ

    how do you get more images for the gravatar?

  89. OJ

    & can you maybe choose pics from your photo library on iPhone/itouch? if you know by chance?

  90. Anony

    okay, heres the deal…

    The different types of beings lived in whatever harmony they lived in, normal and whatnot. then the cookies, especially king Ginger became in growing desire for more and more power, so he attacks for the purpose of the robot power. The high rank robots Lembot and Aribot hold the information to the power the cookies seek, so they lie low and imput decoy personalities that they are into Lemmo and Aric, so that they can live.

    Lemmo and Aric find themselves nowhere and go about theyre documented adventures. and its kinda explained from there.

    I like the idea of Pericles Van Mudgett holding the key, or at least the information on how to get, even more power and then the peanut butter cookie got him which gave the cookie palace the power to go after Lemmo and Aric.

    Again, its really out there, but it explains a lot on whats going on.

  91. E_is_for_Eric

    @OJ – You have an avatar at the moment. I am capable of browsing the comic from my iphone application, but I don’t ever attempt to leave comments, or read these discussions from my phone. I do that from my computer. — As far as using images from your phone, I’m unsure. – I just know that I created the image I wanted after taking a screenshot of the comic and manipulating the image in photoshop.

    *Back to comic discussion*

    I’m still sold on the staff that King Ginger has as being an integral part of the ‘it’ that Aric and Lemmo have to get back. As someone above me mentioned, they did specify ‘it’, and Lemmo is obviously looking at the Kingdom doorway.

    The possibility that Pericles Van Mudgett has some sort of item of importance makes sense since he was also approached by a cookie… however; in the strip ‘Mister know-it-all’ if the title is any clue, Aric (and the reader) learns that Lemmo is not the problem. — If this is the case, then I think it’s safe to assume that Aric is also not a problem. – They are merely two wandering souls in a foreign land.

    We know that the Penguins hate the bugs, and that the Penguins have their own set of Laws. — We know that the cookies have their own set of laws; however it is unclear who they hate other than Aric and Lemmo. I think at this point if they didn’t hate the robots before (due to the missing staff) they definitely do now.

    We know that the ethereal people have their own set of laws, due to their need of a leader, and that being of clarity is a sign of emergency and that they generally stay blurry. – Pericles is now an exile of the ethereal people due to being permanently clear… we can only assume the same for Misty.

    Upon going even further back than when we were introduced to King Ginger – I’m back at where Fergus was showing Aric and Lemmo the power of creating light with insults. Lemmo at that time said that he couldn’t spill the beans – so there is a possibility that our renewable bug energy powered by insults is something the cookies are after. Though, I think ‘Chip-biting milk-dipper’ doesn’t need much improvement.

    Another thought I have is the purpose of ‘Focus’. I’m not going to paraphrase Aric – but if everyone would kindly refer to this strip, he explains himself quite well. http://blankitcomics.com/2009/04/30/the-one-where-aric-gets-something-right/

  92. E_is_for_Eric

    Upon re-reading what I was working on, I seem to have trailed off in the middle about the laws, and who hates whom. – Which I really don’t mind because at this point I don’t really know where I was going with that. Hopefully someone will see where I may have been going with that and add to it.

    I do want to quote a comment from Lemmo from July 28th, 2009:
    “The thing is, readers can only give suggestions based on information they already have, and cannot take into consideration the vast swath of information Aric and I have already created behind the scenes. So even the most robust suggestions are surface speculations at best.
    I have to be vague to avoid spoilers, but trust me. Aric and I have more junk about this story scrolled in sketchbooks, notepads and text documents than the readers will ever be privy to at any given time.”

  93. Jethro Rayne

    The stolen shovelbeam idea is interesting…. I mean, it is gone for some reason, and the ethereal village is somewhat fried… Did the cookies, in the process of trying to capture it or contain it somehow, let it slip and toast the village?

  94. Jethro Rayne


    This is the ‘um, where did it go’ and toasted village strip btw. I think that may be the right route, and so I give my affirmative yes to the stolen shovelbeam idea. :P

  95. McFlury

    But if the cookies had the shovel beam, why didn’t they use it in the fight? Surely it’s more powerful than the blanzer or anything alike.

    But I can’t think of anything else either, it’s either the shovel beam or ‘it’ is refering to a part of the conversation the ginger king had with Aric and Lemmo which we didn’t listen in on.

  96. Ninja

    Maybe the cookies have another copy of the map that the parasoxes destroyed.

  97. lankhmar

    maybe it’s a normal sized sword?

    or wendall!

  98. lankhmar

    although I suppose there’s a small chance he could be talking about taking the entire cookie kingdom somewhere.

    Like…the home they can’t remember which they had before they came here….unless they were made and weren’t brought there…..

  99. OJ

    thanks, E_is_for_Eric. that will save me tons of time

  100. E_is_for_Eric

    At any rate – I think we deserve a desktop background just for the sake of hitting 100 comments on a comic.


  101. Jonathon David

    Maybe i havent been paying attention to the comic, but i dont think they left any objects behind.
    The scepter appears to be mechanical-wouldnt a cookie have a pretzal, or a breadstick for a scepter?

    Perhaps “it” is something the king wanted them to get back, but they didnt listen long enough to find out more?

    If “it” is anything relevant to their experiences with the cookie king or any other cookie in the kingdom, i totally have to be missing “it”.

    maybe there is nothing at all.

  102. TheBean

    I think Klik and Klak being the real Lemmo and Aric actually doesn’t explain anything. But the idea that Lemmo and Aric are simply memories and not real is interesting.
    I can see, after reading this comments, that it is very possible the shovel beam is the missing component. And removing such an object could easily destroy the ethereal hamlet. But it’s a shovel, or was. They wouldn’t be able to contain the beam as it’s whole creation is cause by it looping from bottom of existance back to the top.
    Unless by it becoming the shovel beam, it then would turn into something else if one was able to stop it, since matter can always be created and never destroyed – so says cookie law.
    So…I’m sticking with “it” being the missing component that was taken from ethereal hamlet and in taking “it” from Misty and her people, they removed the shovel beam and destroyed the hamlet. I’m not convinced the missing component is the shovel beam.

  103. Harv

    Reading back on the first comics, I have to say, it was a lot better back then. The conversations and random events occuring were a lot better.

  104. Anony

    what did become of Misty? she was solidified, but would that make her an outcast like Pericles? if it did, whatever happened to the people of hamlet? so many questions, so few answers…

  105. Jesamit

    haha, it’s funny reading these comments and reading you all stress yourselves over IT
    IT is whatever the hell the authors want it to be when they draw the new comic lol

  106. Anony

    but theres a reward for finding out the it that has already been decided by the creators, so why wouldnt we try?

  107. magic-esi

    It can’t be anything we’ve guessed so far, can it? Or Lemmo would’ve told us already. UNLESS it’s something like “the thing which the cookie king wanted” and we just have to specify exactly what that “thing” is.

    Many of your obscure, strange theories seem valid (the scepter one, for example) like they COULD be real- but why would Aric and Lemmo put all of that trouble into tiny details like that, and expect us to have understood it? So it’s probably something that was right in front of our eyes that we just were too lazy to put together. I myself thought of the comic as more of a fun experiment than an actual story.

    I still think, though, that it’s “the thing the cookie king wanted”. And that Pericles is somehow tied into this.

    On an entirely different note, I find it quite funny that I have been sitting here for half an hour discussing shovel beams and cookie kings. Just goes to show how addictive this comic is.

  108. Dran

    I just read lankhmar’s comment and I was thinking that it could be wendall but they probably would have said “him” however I thought it would be important to throw that idea out there

  109. Anony

    Lemmo wont tell us wether we got it or not, we just have to try and find out tommorow.
    i dont know what it could be though, the thing that king Ginger wanted, the thing that king Ginger already had, the shovel beam, theres a lot of possibility

    this should become a musical sometime.

  110. Anony

    and yeah… come to think of it, Aric’s clothes are going…
    i was wondering how his feet must feel walking barefoot everywhere, then i wondered what happened to his shoes.
    what did become of them, are they friends with socks?
    what will become of his pants? if anything theyll become something awesome.
    Mr. President.

  111. Clockwork

    I just had a thought if the cookies won the battle the robots would have to carry the kingdom :D.

  112. ThatNerd

    @Anony Arics shoes came off when Lemmo tackled him

  113. ThatNerd

    @lemmo no this not fun this is cruelty

  114. Giroro

    Since the comic in which the king says that he’s missing something is called Crustulum Lex, I decided to google the two words to get a better understanding of what they mean, since I’m not a super genius that understands the meanings of unusual words like these.

    Crustulum is just a fancy word for pastry/cookie, so nothing too surprising there.

    Lex, on the other hand, means many different things, but the most prominent definition I get when I research the definition is written law.

    What I’m starting to believe is that “it” is tied closely to cookie law; maybe a documented version of it. I’m curious to if they king actually told Lemmo and Aric what he was looking for. Maybe a documented version of cookie law would look nice hanging above his throne, I really don’t know.

    But what I don’t understand about my own theory is this: why would a king with unlimited power be concerned about finding a documented version of cookie law? It’s likely to have differences to what he told his cookie citizens were cookie law, considering that you have to carry people that wrong you. It’s hard to be considered wrong when you’re a king, because you can label everything you say or do as right and get away with it.

    I don’t know what it is entirely, but this is my theory.

  115. Lipkin

    I wonder if they are going to make the king carry them, since he attacked them.

  116. Ryan

    Damn it!

    We don’t want a wallpaper if it means a delayed strip!

  117. lemmo

    A couple people were close enough that I’ll have a wallpaper finished up for Friday. I want to color it.

  118. BigBadRichard

    I was the shovel. think about it when they returned to the hamlet the shovel beam was gone and since you cant have a shovelbeam without a shovel. it has all come together muhahaha

  119. albi

    im still unsure if weather or not Klik and Klak were controlling the cookie palace
    “So you guys–” 0-o “you guys” what?!?!
    you guys were controlling the cookie palace? that doesn’t make any sense! if that were the case, i’m sure this would be explained later, but if its not the case, then wtf is up with the two robots? i get that one’s Aric and the other’s Lemmo, that’s pretty clear, but what were they doing on the cookie palace? if they were controlling it, they’d have to have been inside of it. pretty convenient that they’re outside, standing on it when Aric and Lemmo show up; so if not controlling it, what did the two just decide to climb up onto the palace before Aric and Lemmo got there? because in the last comic, it seemed like the smoke cleared, and you saw the two robots, implying they were the pilots

    someone please clarify! this is driving me crazy!!

  120. E_is_for_Eric

    Albi – just in case you are still looking for clarification —

    The robots coined ‘Klik’ and ‘Klak’ were NOT controlling the cookie kindom. They were part of the giant robot and just happened to get down on the ground faster than Aric and Lemmo.

    And by ‘So You Guys’ — Aric and Lemmo (as you can see in the last panel) know what their mission is — and the robots are giving them a thumbs up saying ‘We did our part — good luck and good bye’.

  121. albi

    @ E_is_for_Eric
    alright, i guess that makes sense
    the panel before this was unclear as to where Klick and Klak had come from: either the cookie palace or Lemmo n Aric’s robot, because it looked like the smoke was clearing, and they’d been standing there the whole time
    but your explanation cleared things up, thnx :)

  122. Handgunman

    The robots have the magical power: “Open trap door(/escape hatch)”

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