Where is He Going With This?


  1. Defier of Physics

    The title, in combination with a few comics in the past, has made the “bromance” idea a little too possible. This scares me because I think such a thing becoming reality would contaminate the awesomeness of this comic. Romance has a place in many great comics. This, in my opinion, should not be one of those comics due to the randomness involved.

  2. Lazy

    There he goes, looking for a chance to get naked again.

  3. Parrot


  4. Blah

    Poor Lemmo, he’s got a wooden arm, let him move like a snake if he wants to.

  5. NoriMori


    @Defier of Physics, I’ve always been a bit of a bromance fan… I guess I’ve seen too much shounen-ai/shoujo-ai… XD But on the other hand I think you’re right. I enjoy them poking around the bromance thing, but I don’t want them to actually get right into it. It’ll totally ruin it. ><

  6. Yogurt?

    Lemmos wife may not appriciate him drawing his author avatar making out with other people.
    I mean it’s good to know the difference between reality and fiction but still…


    I, for one approve of this snake movement idea!

    Also – I’d like to say thanks for always giving me an interesting & entertaining Monday / Thursday.

  8. Default117

    I, for one, support the idea of romance but only between misty and Lemmo.

  9. inusushi

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zAwcj6d8XTQ Anyone?

    And as far as “bromance” goes I’m indeed a fan of it… But in some cases it just doesn’t click. Like this one.

  10. Ray

    They could do that, but it would seem unorthodox. Still, if they moved like that, I would have to worry about Lemmo accidentally breaking his own wooden arm.

  11. djeims

    Aric looks like he’s about to assault Lemmo with a shovel.

  12. E_is_for_Eric

    Guys can totally have a bromance but not be involved with each other. My best friend Jake and I watch chick flicks and eat ice cream together all the time. He’s got a girlfriend… and well, I don’t, but that’s not the point.

    The snake idea is pretty funny. It would be cool if Lemmo manages to figure out a way to slither across the ground in a way that actually works well. Then Aric could hop on his back like a transportation unit. Since Aric tends to have to bum around with Lemmo anyway. (i.e. Not being able to walk on the purple ‘water’ and getting pulled in the boat by Lemmo.)

  13. Yogurt?

    @inusushi where do you eve get videos that are that funny? i mean stuff thats that funny should be illegal or somethin!?!?

    @E_is_for_Eric I’d say that what you described counts as friendship and some of the thing sayed earlier count as them dating eachother

  14. boring7

    A perfect, pantsless society…

  15. inusushi

    @Yogurt? It was a commercial on TV a while back. XD

  16. MarshmallowRadiation

    Why is everyone going on about bromance when Aric’s statement was so obviously sarcasm?

    Anyway, I see it’s nice Aric is still the cynical one while Lemmo’s still goofy, even though their points of view have switched.

  17. NoriMori

    It would seem that Lemmo doesn’t have a lot of experience with making plans… He doesn’t even seem to have an end goal in mind. XD I think that might be the meaning behind the title, guys. XD

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