While He’s Down


  1. noisyparker

    I like Fergus

  2. Arantor

    *sigh of relief* Lemmo’s not dead, just a bit concussed!

  3. macksting

    And though we determined the purple stuff wasn’t hand juice, it’s still a relief that he isn’t sprouting hands everywhere.
    Now we’ll find out it’s delayed-effect foot juice.

  4. johnboc

    hahaha that bug is a total dick. He’s awesome. This comic strip is really fucking great.

  5. Goriath

    I think our blank universe just gained a purple-green sea

  6. Sillytwist

    I think the greenness u see is actually the shore (the mountain thing) under the water. Side note, Hat made it.

  7. socksbot

    my all time favorite fergus comment “So?”

  8. NoriMori

    I actually don’t like Fergus. I kind of wish he’d go away.

  9. Karen

    Alright, I gotta say it: Where the hell do you come up with this stuff?

  10. seananners


  11. Indigo

    Brilliant Impairment Shot.

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