Whirlwind of Euphoria


  1. lemmo

    Another black and white offering, this time with shadows. I’ve almost got these last two strips colored up, but almost isn’t close enough. I’ll try to post them in full color tonight, they just need a bit more work.

    I do like drawing Marina, though. She’s a breath of fresh air from drawing the guys all the time.

  2. Mirenheart

    I have to say… she’s adorable.

  3. Ryan

    Loving the posture in panel 3.

  4. Jackson

    I bet she looks even more lovely in color.

  5. Kid of Death

    Marina really seems to like her name. I think that’s adorable. Fergus is going to ruin the moment.

  6. OrangesAreAwesome

    all I can say- lol

  7. OrangesAreAwesome

    and it’s funny that Lemmo is the one who is trying to fix the situation because he’s usually messing stuff up
    & @Jackson-she does you can look in the past strips (pretty far back though)

  8. seananners1

    whoever said fergus is in the next one,you were right.

  9. OrangesAreAwesome

    OH YA- IT WAS MY BDAY ON THE 20!!!! <8D

  10. OrangesAreAwesome

    are you a seananners fan or the actual senanners?

  11. Kid of Death

    I still love the soxes. They’re too cute.

    Also, Lemmo, I’m glad that you like drawing Marina. She looks really good. :D

  12. seananners1

    orange your gravatar always make chuckle for some reason :>

  13. seananners1


  14. seananners1

    im kiddin.im a fan.i’m suprised you know about him.

  15. seananners1

    Are you seananners…?

  16. Dana

    heeee! :3 this is adorable. leave it to Fergus to ruin the moment… oh dear. why do I have a sinking feeling she’s about to be pushed into the hole?

  17. cheetaboy7

    Why would you want to stop her twirling?

  18. Richiegates

    I love Blank It so much :D! It’s so awesome. <3

  19. Ozimul

    Marina~ She’s being so adorable! XD

  20. Michael C.

    I don’t know who’s more adorable. Marina or the foxes climbing up.


    Marina does bring a new element to the comic, and I’m glad that’s working out artistically as well.

    The Parafoxes on Lemmo’s shoulders is possibly one of my favorite images.


  22. Radio365

    Actually fergus, I’d rather let her twirl for a while. Let her have her moment.

    (On a side note. Did she help the unsettlers solve their problem, or is that what our heroes here for?)

  23. macksting

    Actually, Lemmo’s whole interaction with the Parasox, in panels 2 through 4 is simply adorable to me. One could make a shirt with all that.

  24. OrangesAreAwesome

    @Cheetahboy7- LOL!

    @seannaners1- I’m not seananners & I know about him from his Minecraft Let’s Play! ^.^

    HERES A KITTY CAT =^..^=

  25. MultiversalInk

    ♪Marina, Marina, Marina♪
    Also her dress is kind of sea-blue-ish, so I guess that could be a reason for the name (referring to discussion on last page).

    And Lemmo, all you really need to colour on this page is the third panel :3

  26. Freezie43110

    Soxes Shoulderpads give +85% Cute but only provide 4DEF. :/

  27. Cenacattack

    It takes a pro to do such

  28. Kid of Death

    Hey Lemmo! How are you doing?

  29. Kid of Death

    I’m guessing you’d have to change your gravatar before you can pose as other people, and even then it might not work. >.>

  30. cheetaboy7

    You CAN pretend to be other people, but thats not nice. Don’t.

  31. Kid of Death

    but but but…
    Gah, you’re confusing me. x.x

  32. jaz

    geez, stop reacting to all of these 12-year olds that think it’s funny to copy people’s names and post under them! really, this is built on a kind of trust system that some people just can’t seem to handle.

    that being said, I still can’t wait for color! marina is acting a lot younger than she looks and it’s adorable!


  33. seananners1

    fergus you scott-ish pissant!

  34. Kid of Death

    I just noticed something. Why is it Lemmo who’s always losing limbs? He lost his hand to the shovel beam, then his wooden arm broke.

  35. Kid of Death

    Correction, he broke his own arm. I had to go back and re-read that part.

  36. dagonboy6666

    look at most of the posts by me, dagonboy6666. you’ll see them changed. I have an acoount on gaiaonline if you want I can post something on there to prove it. unlike this it’s password proteceted.

  37. dagonboy6666

    I mean prove it’s me.

  38. dagonboy6666


    if you are going to prentend to be someone with a Gravatar you need they’re email, and if you mess with the gravtar they can just get a new free Email address so the you have to guass they’re Email agin.

  39. Genius Arbalist

    Uh-oh, can’t wait to see what Fergus does.

  40. gut who reads this

    ummmmm…… lemo still has a arm missing so ya its sorta weird

  41. lemmo

    For those of you trying to spoof gravatars, I can still see your email address and IP.

    Gabriel’s Internet F***wad theory doesn’t fly here.

  42. Kid of Death

    You can see that stuff? o.o

  43. NoriMori

    @Ryan, I agree, panel 3 equals BEST POSE EVER.

  44. dagonboy6666

    @ Kid of Death

    Aric lost his Hat Holding Head Hand, remember?

  45. Nicktheslayer

    ^^^ Woops, i forgot to change my name back, xD

    Lol, oh wells. That last dagonboy6666 was me.

  46. Kid of Death

    Thus losing his hair, which he got back from the robot Aric. Either way, he wasn’t supposed to have the hand on his head, so I don’t think it really counts.

  47. Sandy Claws

    Now just imagine the soxes climbing on Marina’s shoulders.
    Could panel three be the most adorable image thus far? (Yes.)

  48. seananners1

    SOX TEH FOX! ºωº

  49. Dasaki

    dear god so adorable! Panel three ftw!

  50. Genius Arbalist

    Random topic change: So… the underground city is where the robots are from, right? That’s where they’re always going and coming from, after all.

  51. Bubdazombie

    Finally occurred to me where these names are coming from! If she turns out to Pericles daughter Shakespeare is going to be rolling in his grave xD

  52. Radio365

    So…. are the foxes important anymore?
    As i recall the only reason that they were there in the first place was to tell Aric and Lemmo about the unsettlers town being destroyed/under attack.

  53. dyl_do

    Wait… Fergus has experience in stopping people twirling then? … Maybe he used to twirl in his teenage years? *smells a fun sideplot exploring Fergus’ past which leads to him being a loveable sidekick… or food*

  54. Chaos Theory

    @lemmo: Epic Penny Arcade reference.

  55. Alkpwn77

    Epic trolling this way comes.

  56. macksting

    “Finally occurred to me where these names are coming from! If she turns out to Pericles daughter Shakespeare is going to be rolling in his grave xD”
    I thought she was -explicitly- his daughter.

  57. altoid55

    this is a comment i wrote that has nothing to do with the comic

  58. altoid55

    yes i’m proud

  59. MarshmallowRadiation

    And she STILL hasn’t noticed Lemmo’s wood arm.

  60. MCnickel

    Just read all your comics in one sitting. I have to say, Im Impressed XD I will be watching you with Intense…..Watching…ness

  61. Cameron

    Cameron say: Let her twirl

  62. Nicktheslayer

    That twirl is sexy.

  63. RydeDawg

    Subject change:

    What if the cookie king had a brother…and this brother was the rightful king of the desert people so he had a small rebel fraction to reclaim the kingdom. And what if the this brother was a PIE!

  64. Alexthander

    Well what if they had a third cousin, twice removed that was a CAKE?

    and he was a compulsive liar?

  65. Ray

    Well, 2 uncoloured comics is better than no comics at all. :)

  66. Nicktheslayer


    The cake is a lie? (liar?)

  67. dagonboy6666

    I wonder. Will the robots join the war?

  68. dagonboy6666

    I think the cookies are lawful evil

  69. dagonboy6666

    Lemmo is chaotic netrual and Aric is just netrual

  70. macksting

    Much agreed, Ray.

  71. Kid of Death

    Why isn’t it Thursday yet?!

  72. Thebrum

    Hey, y’know what? I kinda like the uncolored strip. Not as a permanent replacement, but it is sort of a different perspective. I don’t think I’d mind keeping it. Or maybe dump ’em in a folder called “Creative Process”.

  73. jack!

    I like it colourless too! But it’d be nice to see the coloured one on here. You could make an entire archive of the uncoloured strips, if you have them! It’d be definitely awesome :D

  74. Tyris

    True fact: continued repetitions of the word “Marina” will eventually cause a random audience member to sing, “why can’t you whisper the words my heart has been longing to hear?”

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