Whop and Flop


  1. E_is_for_Eric

    Okay, this is awesome. Completely and totally awesome. Also – I’m very proud of Aric for not being mistaken about the menace of his dungarees!

  2. Brolong

    Ride the wave Aric!!!!

  3. LinkCable

    The Epicness is killing me D:


  4. Cedarfern

    okay, it looks like the wave is riding aric… lemmo surfing a lemmobot, and a lemmobot surfing aric? why? just… just, why? that fall had to hurt the cookie castle too, huh?

  5. Flo

    and it looks like it’s make to strip one for Aric! :D

    but seriously now, this is awesome.

  6. Darknight53

    Where’s the other fox!!! -assumes the worst- :(

  7. djeims

    Robots: Fire lasers at the upper arms, if that succeeds, the robot will be most certainly likely be unable to push itself back up! Lemmo: Awesome! Aric: Nice job, keep up the good work! Everyone: Why are we siding with the mini-robots? They could be bad , too! They are like ants. Who is there queen? Have we met the queen? Maybe we’ve met the queen.

  8. Fell darkpaw

    Lol why did that robot steal his pants :P

  9. Lipkin

    Who called it? Literal crowd surfing. Rock. On.

  10. Jethro Rayne

    Time for some wet cookies… :P Getting drowned in robo-surf…

  11. EarthBound015

    Also, notice the Cookie Kingdom’s punching hand is injured. Maybe these trap door robots are more epic than we can imagine? :OO

  12. Daniel

    Ooh, this is great.

  13. Renee

    Whop and Flop! Perfect names for the parasox!

  14. Midoriko

    Ohmigosh ohmigosh too much win in one place

  15. Ray

    AWESOME!! They’re not just surfing; They’re surfing on ROBOTS!!

  16. Bluesox

    That was definitely something cool! ARIC! Haha! You lost your pants!!

  17. DefierOfPhysics

    Anyone else might be a bit discouraged by losing their pants in a battle, but I don’t think Aric will mind much. I am now anticipating a pants-less Aric doing a dramatic point. It’s almost as awesome as what is actually happening in the comic.

    It looks like Lemmo is trying to surf, but the robots are trying to stabilize him. Regardless, this is epic! It looks like the waves of robots are going to crash down on the cookie castle and take those crumb-lickers out once and for all! Man, I love that sentence.

  18. Aelfay

    This. Is. Awesome.

    And Lemmo’s face of “Hello. I’m just chillin’ on this wave here, being a totally chill surfer. Prepare to die” makes me more than happy.

  19. Music-chan

    My first thought: OH GOD NOT THE PANTS!
    My second thought: laugh histerically

  20. marca311

    New extreme, no, x-treme, no x-treem sport: Robot surfing to get away from a large castle with arms and legs commanded and run by cookies. I would do that!
    (exept I think Lemmo would win)

  21. Chados

    I laughed… I cried… I did some pretend surfing.

  22. Dr. Juess

    I declare robo tsunami shenanigans

  23. JamesLite

    At least Aric can try and create his perfect pantsless society 2.0 now,

  24. Cedarfern

    Ohh the robot waves are gonna reverse course and swarm the fallen fortress!!! :D

  25. Hasson

    Dude keeps losing his pants

  26. Squiggly

    The epicness of Lemmo will be burned forever into my brain.

    *notices Aric’s lack of pants* Oh dear…

  27. Andi

    That is something cool!

  28. Miesa

    now surfing a wave of robots is most def. on my list now!

  29. Dave D

    Huh! Is that the Cookie King on top of the cookie castle?

  30. Physicsmaster

    @Dave D: I think that’s a flag. I remember I flag on that part of the castle in earlier strips.

  31. Wolfox

    just remember : it’s always about the pants!

  32. socksbot

    Dungarees FTW

  33. them1me1you

    memories . . . memories of “in the midnight kitchen.”

  34. Tomixcomics

    Actually Aric was only unembarassed by being pantsless when Lemmo was like that too. So I’m hoping now he gets all embarassed again but can’t find his pants. That would be incredibly amusing :)

  35. Cedarfern

    oh they get lodged in the cookie castle and eventually used as a vendetta flag!

  36. NoriMori

    OMG… I wanna surf a robot on an awesome glowy robot-wave!! That’s totally wicked!!!


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