Wood Putty


  1. Moose In the Shadows

    Lemmo should stop trying to tackle things. Never seems to end well for him.

  2. MarshmallowRadiation

    I wonder if they’ve been captured by the trapdoor bots.

    And again, this universe seems to hate Lemmo.

  3. macksting

    Will they ever both be able to have fun at the same time?

  4. Dominic

    If they did it probably wouldn’t be anywhere near as fun for us.

  5. Ray

    Ow. I guess their bodies are only PRETENDING to be solid or something.

  6. Dominic

    I like how these comics are no less coherent when you read all of them backwards.

  7. Arcasius

    this doesn’t necessarily mean the universe hates Lemmo, Aric didn’t even try it, and if I had to guess I’d say it was a new enemy, because if it were the cookies the cell would be made of cookies, it couldn’t be the penguins because their only ambition was to fly (unless they kidnapped them anticipating that Lemmo and Aric know how to fly because they ride the bugs alot, I wouldn’t put my money on the bugs because of the lack of technology and insults, and people of the beam couldn’t do it because that girl is leading them, also the lights on the boards are moving horizontal in frame 2, maybe it’s a force field or something, as for the “attention” the font and the box around it seem to imply that it’s a robotic voice, if I had to guess I’d say were going to get a new character

  8. Arcasius

    by lack the technology i mean it’s not really their style to make things out of wood, i should’ve said they have better technology

  9. Da Mighty Camel

    “ATTENTION! You suck!”

  10. Jaz

    geez, if someone wanted attenion THAT badly, they couldve just aske nicely…What if Aric tackled Lemmo now? would they become one creature of serious problems? -jaz out


    Cast your vote:
    1) Bugs
    2) Cookies
    3) Foxes
    4) Robot overlords
    5) Other

  12. RGSwan

    haha, I was right! They’re made of paint! (or paint-y goo)

    My vote? Robot Parasox, or perhaps the cookie kingdom gained sentience.

  13. Shaelyn

    it’s the STARE MASTER! Aric and Lemmo will be frozen! oh noes!

  14. Anony

    i love how Aric shows no attention to Lemmo’s predicament

  15. magic-esi

    Maybe it’s PERICLES van Mudgett. Or the cookie king. Or a new character.

  16. Socksbot

    Lemmo stick to the wall like gum to a shoe and the loud attention make me think either Pericles or the cookies have captured them

  17. Will

    I found a mistake in this panel, how awesome and curious it may be.

    In the second panel, Aric has the patch on his shoulder, not his elbow. In the first, he has it on both.

  18. Thanatos

    @will, the patch is on the back of his arm, you just can’t see it in the second panel because we are looking at him straight on.

  19. cheetaboy7

    Attention Duelists!

  20. Da Mighty Camel

    Haha, nice one cheetaboy.

    “My hair is abducting this small child!” :D

  21. ThatNerd


  22. Defier of Physics

    It’s clearly a new character. Clearly.

    Also, “Awwww, he thinks he’s people.”

  23. gangler

    Just caught up, I bet the reason the universe collapsed is because the shovel was no longer generating energy and had spent what it had.

  24. The Duke of Gravity

    Then why did the universe not collapse before the shovel?

    My bets are on some sort of giant Vegetables or perhaps a poodle.

  25. M

    I’ll have to wait until the end of summer camp to see what happens next :(. Clearly.

  26. gangler

    The shovel was causing the universe to expand, but once the shovel stopped generating energy the universe could no longer sustain itself, thus the collapse.

  27. gangler

    to be clear, the size of the universe was static before the shovel was introduced.

  28. minando

    Attention, it is unwise to splort wooden walls ?

  29. Kafloobop

    I just found this comic today and I’m in love.

  30. gangler

    Me too, did you find it through ginger’s bread, I got linked there from Jack Cannon and from there to here. Good journey.

  31. Kafloobop

    A friend of mine linked it to me via email……..good journey.

  32. cheetaboy7

    I tried to get a free Dilbert comic app on my ipod touch and found the blank-it app instead. Instantly became a loyal fan and checked out the website…

    Good journey.

  33. Mr.Biggelsworth

    Attention! The third control point is being captured!

  34. Stan


  35. Kid of Death

    Lol, I love Lemmo’s pose in panel one. Braced against the wall, ready to tackle the opposite wall. It’s great. :D

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