Xenophobia For Beginners


  1. macksting

    Aric’s taking this Jesus thing far too much in stride.

  2. Goriath

    Hey, he’s on a tropical island in the middle of a purple sea, that he just rode a boat made out of a giant mechanical bug exo-skeleton across. I think I’d be pretty excited to see the only other human being I know of in existence even if he was walking on the purple stuff.

  3. Goriath

    And besides, he’s only have laundry theatre to entertain him since he saw Lemmo last ;P

  4. macksting

    Laundry theater which, to my knowledge, proved quite articulate. He took that in stride, too. He strides in it as we speak.
    I guess we’ll just have to see how this plays out.

  5. Jloopy

    From far away the robot and the real thing look pretty similar…

  6. Shardwing

    Interesting how, despite being unable to notice that the other one is a robot, Lemmo immediately accepts this Aric as the real one. What’s up with that?

  7. Ray

    Well, well. Lemmo & Lemmobot finally meet. Or so they seem to have. Grammar in this comic could stand to be improved, though.

  8. Ray

    Whoops. Got them confused. Just realized that, sorry. ARIC & ARICBOT.

  9. someone

    what happened tothe boat it did have a sail right?

  10. Woah!

    Hey! That palm tree is just the parts of the boat and a leg from the bug!

  11. Arantor

    Well, Lemmo wasn’t 100% convinced that Robot Aric was actually Aric, especially after the GPS comment, even though we all agreed it is the sort of thing that Aric might actually say…

    I’m sure there’s a joke-within-a-joke here somewhere…

  12. someone

    so he the tree came from him but where did the sand come from

  13. Goriath

    I guess the question now, is if Autom-Aric is a threat or not.

  14. camerbob

    Desert island, castaway, palm tree, beach. Now all we need is a bloodstained soccer ball named wilson.

  15. Arantor

    Apologies, it had to be done.

    “Just sit right back & you’ll read a strip, not told in terrible verse
    That started out with not a lot, in the universe,
    The universe was plain and clear, the floor without a hole.
    Two travellers set out that day, for a pleasant stroll,
    A pleasant stroll.”

    “The universe started getting full, all kinds of things abound,
    Including a giant flying monster,
    and some fake ground.
    And some fake ground.”

    “Together again on a shore of a tiny isle,
    Are Lemuel
    Aric too,
    A robot of the same,
    A homemade yacht,
    A Purple sea and shovel beams
    Here in Bla-nk It!”

  16. macksting


  17. Jloopy

    Ready-made for the first TV commercial. Bravo Arantor.

  18. boring7

    I am both amazed and horrified.

    And hopeful that the socks will return.

  19. MBizzle

    Re: Ray and the comment about grammar.

    From what I’ve observed, all grammatical faux pas in this comic are entirely intentional as a part of Lemmo’s character.

    Thank you. Stepping off the soapbox now.

  20. seananners

    HE KNEW….

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