You can’t hug a child with nuclear pants


  1. Rozax

    Dungarees complicate things.

    Keep ’em coming. ^_^

  2. Dave

    Found your site through the TPS ad. Pretty damn good and plenty of potential. I’ll be watching.

  3. Arantor

    Love the comic already! Can’t wait to see what comes next!

  4. RaccuRaccu

    Nice to see it up and running!
    Even better to NOT see manties~

  5. rodandbarry

    Rod: Yes…Yes!!! Make a supreme race of pantless humans!
    Barry: Humans are strange…

  6. Morgan

    I’ve always wondered…How does he plan on making a perfect pantsless society when they’re the only people there…?

  7. macksting

    Speaking as a misanthrope, a perfect society has very few people.

  8. Niemi

    This makes me wonder, what life did they come from to get here and what brought them there, since they obviously came from a pants filled society to begin with.

  9. Ziggy Stardust

    What a great title. Excellent.

  10. NoriMori

    I found this on TvTropes! I was reading the article about “flatwhat”, and it had a link to one of these comics, called “What.” I really like this, it’s so random and funny! Anyway, I read a few starting from “What.” and then decided to start from the beginning… “What.” must be pretty far into the comic, cuz the style and brightness are a bit different here than thereā€¦

  11. Me

    Kings huh……wouldnt be to bad. Lol

  12. Socksbot

    But through a hilarious pun you could actually hug yor child with nuclear arms but it wouldn’t turn out so well after. V.

  13. Stig Hemmer

    But dungarees are dangerous!

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