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  1. Kholdstare

    Man, these cookies have some messed up laws. Someone should log them all.

  2. Paige

    The cookies seem to be going slower than those human-two. If that’s suppose to be like that, then the artist has an amazing talent for drawing correct sense of movement! I wouldn’t be able to do that. lol

  3. Fedorov92

    Honestly, I dunno why I even bother analyzing these things anymore… Ummmmm… YAY NEW COMIC!

  4. TheBananaFish

    So the punishment for carrying a cookie against its will is to be carried yourself? The cookies seem quite stoic; it may be their lack of pupils, but there seems to be something else I can’t quite place my finger on. Even their pace, as mentioned, seems somewhat liesurely.

    And is it just me? or is denying to give help to the king bring about a harsher punishment than trying to overthrow the king? If the number of surrogate cookies is an indicator of harshness, by cookie standards.

  5. Hedwerx

    It seems the punishment for trying to overthrow the king is having to carry a real cookie, and a surrogate.
    While the punishment for carrying against a cookies will is having to carry a surrogate.
    Punishments stack, just like cookies do :D

    Aric and Lemmo have probbly been given more to carry since they’re bigger and also have the stigma of not being cookies.

    Been reading from the start, first post though. Brilliant stuff! makes me look forward to Monday and Thursday.

  6. Jestor

    Just found series last night…. Read all of them from beginning to current… Keep it up…..

  7. Megan

    dot dot dot.

    I have my own theories, but I’ll hold them close until the next strip.

    Oh, who am I kidding? here’s what I think:

    Eric and Lemmo are going faster than the cookie doods.. why do I say this? Because the cookie carrying the cookie carrying the (I’m going to call it) flour has both his feet in contact with the belt while Lemmo is clearly taking longer, presumably faster strides–both feet are off the belt at the same time (if only briefly).

    I think that Hedwerx got it right that the punishment for carrying a cookie against his will is to carry a surrogate (which is rather amusing hehe).

    I think that the wanna-be over-thrower has to carry another cookie for 2 reasons: 1) it’s just as hard (if not harder) as carrying the flour. 2) by carrying the cookie who carried cookies against their will, he’s taking away the ability of that cookie to actually carry anything, let alone another cookie. (since he’s not moving of his own accord)

    Or it could just be an amusing way to get more characters in scene ;)

  8. Squiggly

    I laughed so hard at “What kind of weirdo isn’t a cookie?”

  9. Daniel

    I think that Conspiracyguy is under double-stress, as he has to carry weight of the carrier-cookie and the flour, and that’s because he was a conspiracist dude.

    Also, Cookiecarrier who carried cookies against their will is now (presumably) being carried against HIS will.

    3 things can be possibly learned from this.
    1: Conspiracists get doublepunishment, relative to cookie-carriers. and
    2: Cookie law has some punishments in the form of “eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth”, as seen as Cookiecarrier now being carried.
    3: Carrying cookies seem to be taboo in cookie culture. This is evidenced by (1) by prisoners being forced to carry dummy-cookies (flour sacks) or actual cookies (in Conspiracyguy’s case), and (2) being imprisoned for carrying cookies against their will (in Cookiecarrier’s case).

    Anyway, WOO! Great strip guys, this one was hilarious.
    As usual.

  10. Midoriko

    These cookies are a snarky bunch.

  11. TheBananaFish

    I don’t think carrying cookies is a taboo. Remember that Aric was carried in the first place because the other cookie disrespected him? And they were brought to the king partially because Aric refused to carry Lemmo when he wronged him? It’s not a taboo; the apology is a sort of punishment in itself.

    That or we’re all getting way, WAY to into this comic.

  12. Tom


    Judging by the feet, Aric and Lemmo are running (they have both feet off the ground) while the cookie is walking (both feet on the ground clearest in frame 3).

  13. Daniel

    Ah, TheBananaFish, nice find, I didn’t remember that. Perhaps you’re right, then.

    Also, the shadows in Canvas behave strangely…Lemmo’s shadow is below him in the 1st and 3rd panels, while the window (yes, I will now acknowledge the lamp/windows to be windows now) is away and behind him.
    The shadows are indiscernable in the 2nd panel, so I won’t comment on them.

  14. me.vicky

    Aw, dude, that was a burn. Lemmo, you just got burned. Burned, dude. BURNED.

  15. Renee


  16. Redwolf

    Why don’t they just eat the cookies?
    they’d have to be pretty hungry by now.

  17. Megan

    ….He’s not a “weird-o” he’s a “Lemm-o”… Jeeze Cookie! get it right ;)

    Aric, though? Now he’s a weirdo ;P

  18. Bozobub

    Um, I dunno about you, but overly-sentient food sits ill on my stomach. The talking McD’s flapjacks are a GREAT example of this >.<' .

  19. Daniel

    That’s right, kids! Get yourselves a bowl of Aric-O’s TODAY!!

    New! If you mail in 10 box-tops of Aric-O’s by next month, you get a FREE Lemm-O ACTION FIGURE!!


  20. Daniel

    Sorry, I just couldn’t resist…

  21. TheBananaFish

    You know, cereal has had some strange and somewhat confusing commercials over the years. Kids chacing a little lepreuchan, apples that don’t taste like apples, a ribbit that’s constantly abused by children, and a bird with withdrawl symtoms bordering on schizophrenia. And don’t get me started on that blatant rip off of Duck Tales that is Tucan Sam and those little birds. Yet somehow I think that the commercial for Aric-O’s would be fairly straighforward.

    Ooooh! And the Lemm-O action figure comes with removeable hand and a six pack of hand juice!

    On another note: is it just me, or is there starting to be less dialogue than there used to be? I don’t mean that in a bad way, and there’s still just as much going on in each panel; it just seems like there’s less and less being said, and more being shown. Maybe it’s just me though. I’m gonna go grab some Aric-O’s before I head out…

  22. Daniel

    Haha, you’re right, BananaFish.
    And yeah, the strips are getting to have less and less dialogue…
    I prefer dialogue in comics, but I’m liking these as well.

  23. robertss

    If I had to comment on the shadows (which I do) I would argue that they are a result of equal distribution of light sources around the room, as the previous comic seems to illustrate. Rather than behind or in front of the characters, they are under, as if the lights surround at a much higher elevation.

    But that could just be me.

  24. TheBananaFish

    That makes sense.

  25. bluesox

    Oooo! BURN Lemmo! But yeah, I guess I’m a total weirdo… But this makes me like to eat cookies even more! I mean! One less politically corrupt cookie in this horrible blank world! Hmmm, I should go see how full that bucket of cookies is in my kitchen now…

  26. Megan

    I know of one NSFW comic with absolutely ZERO dialogue and it gets the story across just fine :) I’ve no problems with the changes seen here.

  27. Daniel

    Ah, yeah, I know what you mean robertss. I agree with you.

  28. JamesLite

    I wonder when we’ll find out why we have a background?

  29. Thanatos

    we’ve had backgrounds before. Remember the mountain and the oddly colored sea and the island? This happens to be a building Things can exist in this world (at least temporarily), it’s just that there is a general blankness outside of the random bits of pop-up

  30. Daniel

    James…they’re, supposedly, in a building.
    I say supposedly because we didn’t actually see Aric and Lemmo walk into the room they’re in, so all we can assume is that they are in a room, rather than assume that the background suddenly changed to look exactly like a room with windows in it.

  31. macksting

    Or alternatively that the Canvas has spawned backgrounds of the brown-with-murder-holes variety which are visible from rooftop treadmills.

  32. Daniel

    Details, details.

  33. Ray

    I wonder why the punishment is always carrying. Plus, it seems unfair if the wrong have to carry the right; It means innocent and intelligent people can ALSO end up in jail, being carried for enormous amounts of time because of cookie law!!! ~Shudders~

  34. macksting

    For what it’s worth, I suppose this is why they have pseudocookies (I think they’re flour bags) as carry… ees.

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