Drawing Attention

Drawing Attention
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  1. Well, I just reread. I forgot how much I like this comic. Hope you guys can continue it sometime!

  2. HeWhoKnows says

    I really hope this picks up again.

    I like to think that my accidentally opening this site everytime I open all of the items in my comics bookmarks folder was interpreted as enough interest to end the hiatus.

  3. Lemony Lemonosity says

    I reread this recently, and I must say that I had forgotten quite how amusing this comic was while it was active. I sincerely hope that it can continue again in the future, and am sure that others share the same feeling.

  4. ThisIsNotDan says

    Just finished my re-read! When will we learn what happens next?

  5. I’ve enjoyed the hell out of this comic but holy crap you guys never post anything. Why is that??

  6. My husband and I have followed this since the beginning, before we were married. I hope you are able to pick it back up.

  7. Hey, sleek redesign!

  8. Just found this comic and read through the whole thing. I really hope you pick it back up again.

  9. IceboundCat6 says

    First time I’ve seen this comic, and I love it. I’ll just add this to my Webcomic collection…

  10. I don’t know what made me remember that this existed, but I just read through it again, and it was still just as enjoyable!

  11. To another year!

  12. BathsaltxAddict says

    Will this comic ever continue? Why would you drop a project like this so abruptly with no ending. So sad.

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