Drawing Attention

Drawing Attention
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  1. Star1412 says:

    Well, I just reread. I forgot how much I like this comic. Hope you guys can continue it sometime!

  2. HeWhoKnows says:

    I really hope this picks up again.

    I like to think that my accidentally opening this site everytime I open all of the items in my comics bookmarks folder was interpreted as enough interest to end the hiatus.

  3. Lemony Lemonosity says:

    I reread this recently, and I must say that I had forgotten quite how amusing this comic was while it was active. I sincerely hope that it can continue again in the future, and am sure that others share the same feeling.

  4. ThisIsNotDan says:

    Just finished my re-read! When will we learn what happens next?

  5. I’ve enjoyed the hell out of this comic but holy crap you guys never post anything. Why is that??

    • IceboundCat6 says:

      He did say “Did we fall asleep for 3 years or something?” so I’m guessing it’ll continue in 2019.

  6. Chelsea says:

    My husband and I have followed this since the beginning, before we were married. I hope you are able to pick it back up.

  7. Hey, sleek redesign!

  8. Just found this comic and read through the whole thing. I really hope you pick it back up again.

  9. IceboundCat6 says:

    First time I’ve seen this comic, and I love it. I’ll just add this to my Webcomic collection…

  10. I don’t know what made me remember that this existed, but I just read through it again, and it was still just as enjoyable!

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