Marat’s bathing

Author’s Note: This strip’s title comes from a REM song. Uck, that sounds weird. It should be “an REM song,” right? Not “a REM song?” Anyway, the song is titled “We Walk.” Get it? Wait, should that be in italics? We Walk? Whatever. Why are you reading the author’s notes?


  1. Fairportfan says

    It should, indeed, be “an REM song” because the name begins with a vowel sound, even if it begins on the page with “R”. “An” is used to “ease into” vowel sounds. {Similarly, “an honour”.}

    Also, song titles {or titles of less-than-novel-length stories} are normally in quotes; albums or novels/other books in italic or underscored.

    {Heinlein’s “…all you zombies” has the quotes as an actual part of the story title because it’s a quote from the story text.}

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