Ethereal Tethers

Author’s Note: Eh, I’ve written better.

New York Style

Author’s Note: Wow! So much action in two strips! Slow it down, fellas! There is a lot more walking to do! I liked giving Lem action sequences to draw since he was so good at them. This is certainly not the preferred method to take off shoes but it worked. In a comic. Please do not try this in real life.

Kinetic Persuasion

Author’s Note: How good is this art? As someone who is bad at drawing, I’d be fine if Blank It had been drawn with as little detail as the first panel of the strip. But then to pull out panel 4? Bam. Action and depth in stillness. Wonderful.

Actually it’s Envy

Author’s Note: While a haberdasher could certainly provide mens hats, they are not specifically makers of mens hats. I thought they just made hats. Anyway, they CAN make hats. So the joke still works. Or, the setup still works. Or the sentence still works. Whatever. I’m my own worst critic always.

The Essence of Rigor

Author’s Note: Try not to be upset by what others are excited about. Unless what they are excited about is “death to your and your kin.” Then, by all means, be upset. In fact, you can go a little beyond being upset. You can full on try and not die. Hats? Hats are no big deal.

King Without a Crown

Author’s Note: There is a lot of “Minnesota Nice” in this strip, I am just now realizing. Which isn’t actual niceness but is judgment hidden behind a smile. When you mean a semi-naked stranger in an empty void you want to be friendly with them because what if they’re it? But also, in getting to know them, maybe you don’t like them so much? Whatever. Better smile or go along with whatever nonsense they’re spouting.

Cap au Abandonment

Author’s Note: While Aric and Lemmo are loosely based on Lem and me, both characters are really just different facets of myself. Rational and irrational. Goofy and serious. Plagued by insecurities and plagued by more insecurities. Did I mention insecurities? No? Wait. You fuckin’ with me? Gosh, you must hate me.

We have to burn it

Author’s Note: While there is a lot of expansive time and exploration in Blank It, there is a lot of getting to the point. How do you get someone to do what you want? Introduce absurdity. I mean, sure. We could have wasted two more weeks arguing about hats. That sure would have eaten up some more time. And now you’re reading this, wasting more time. Everything is a big old waste then you think about it.

Donut Eat Universe

Author’s Note: Hats are a nice trope, aren’t they? We want them to be part of our personality. And when you’re in a void with little else than the clothes on your back it becomes especially important. Like, if your hat fell off and a rock door was coming down you would definitely risk your hand to grab your hat. Except there isn’t a real rock door because of the void. So…let’s see. What’s in a void that could devour your hat? Imagination? Whatever. I like the change in attitudes in the last panel.

It’s Still Exercise

Author’s Note: Is this philosophy or physics or existentialism or what? It’s probably a mess of ideas crammed into some 101 level thoughts. Anyway, I don’t know if there is an answer to Aric’s question in the last panel. And does the answer even matter?