Marat’s bathing

Author’s Note: This strip’s title comes from a REM song. Uck, that sounds weird. It should be “an REM song,” right? Not “a REM song?” Anyway, the song is titled “We Walk.” Get it? Wait, should that be in italics? We Walk? Whatever. Why are you reading the author’s notes?


Author’s Note: Lemmo is focusing so hard on putting his shirt on in the first panel! Look at it! It’s like he has to remind himself, inch by inch, which direction he should be moving his shirt.

Also, Aric struggles with social anxiety. Me. I’m Aric. Also, the comic strip character. His name is Aric.

You can’t hug a child with nuclear pants

Author’s Note: Aric is threatening Lemmo with his jeans. But they’re normal jeans. Not fancy raw Japanese selvage denim. Nobody is scared of jeans. By the way, you shouldn’t be wearing two pieces of denim at a time, you weirdo. One piece. One.

How to ruin the moment

Author’s Note: My dad gets real squirmish around entertainment that includes traumatic eye injury. Which is probably why I continue to put it in everything I make.

Easing the Tension

Author’s Note: I mean, would it be funnier if they were both naked instead of hanging around in their underpants? Underpants are pretty funny, but not quite as funny as wangs. But then, nobody likes a surprise wang.

Well, what would YOU do?

Hey there. Aric here! We nuked our old site because it was beyond recovery. There was some nasty code that kept propagating over and over.  So, while we rebuild and improve, please enjoy the archives. Again and again.

Author’s Note: This is the first comic of Blank It. Lem and I came up with it while eating appetizers at Old Chicago. I wanted Aric to get completely nude, because why be modest in a void? Lem thought that was a bad idea. From an introductory standpoint. Lem was probably right.